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Crosby is cooking breakfast on the houseboat when Jasmine gets The Call from the Alvin Ailey troupe. "I'm in," she says, in shock, when she hangs up. Crosby and Jabbar cheer wildly, but, of course, Crosby is also sad, especially when Jasmine says she'll need to leave soon for New York. "Like, Friday," she says. Crosby is trying to deal with this when the boat's bell rings. "Hey!" Zeek announces. "I'm movin' in!" Seeing his son's face fall, he wonders aloud if it's a bad time. Um, yes.

Also having a bad time is Sarah as she drops by Adam's house and has to deal with Kristina, who is still angry about Haddie and Amber. Do I get why she's mad? Yes. Do I get why she's even mad at Sarah? Kind of. But do I get why Kristina is acting like Sarah's the one who did something wrong, when she's been nothing but apologetic? Not really. But Kristina, nonetheless, is giving her the extreme cold shoulder. "Honey, your sister's here," she tells Adam, barely acknowledging Sarah at the door. He asks which one. "The old one," she says. Awful. Sarah gets to the point, showing her brother the baseball flyer, and wondering if he could maybe help Drew with the whole thing. Kristina makes sure to make the whole conversation as uncomfortable as possible, sort of slamming around the kitchen and interrupting. "I see you guys are busy," Sarah says, kind of rolling her eyes at Adam who returns the eye-roll in understanding. I dislike the "women are emotional bitches" undercurrent here, but Sarah and Adam at least are trying to rise above. Poor Sarah, man. She was wrong, I think, not to go to the Autism Walk last week, but otherwise she is blameless in this ordeal with Haddie and Amber, and only trying to do her best while dealing with an admittedly-annoying insecurity complex about everyone else's "perfection." I love it that she is attempting to be normal in the face of Kristina's frost, even going so far as to try to chat about kitchen cleaner, only to be shut down. "Oh, whattya got? That Easy Clean? I love that stuff, it, uh, okay." Hee. No doubt all of this is swimming through her stressed brain when she finally flails out the door, causing her to back too quickly out of the driveway and, arrrrrgh, smash her brother's tail light. Responsibility aside, she does what any other eternally put-upon person would do in this situation: she drives away. Look, it's wrong, but... dude. Sometimes the universe keeps crapping on you, and you have to just keep moving.

And where's best to run when you need relief? Into the arms of hottie Mr. Cyr. Well, not into his arms, per se, but whatever, into his library. She finds him at school to talk to him about Amber. "I don't want her to unravel," she says, uncomfortably, as they discuss the current situation between Amber and Haddie. He kindly asks how she's dealing with all of it herself. She sighs and says it's made her realize that maybe coming to Berkeley was a mistake; It's disrupted the whole family and has made her decide they're better off on their own. "So, we should move on," she says. "And make a mess of someplace new." Mr. Cyr says okay, though it is so not okay. "I think that's actually what I came to tell you, today," she says. "Because... well, because I missed your face." Aw. I love their totally inappropriate relationship. I can't help it. He is too young and has an annoying faux-beard, but he likes her and does not write poetry about her reproductive system. (Or... does he?) Anyway, he says he's missed her, too, and that for what it's worth, he doesn't think running away from her problems is the answer. "I think that you're doing a great job with Amber; you're an incredible mother," he says. "I think that she's going to be just fine, here, and I don't think you should leave." She smiles at him, sadly. "Please," he adds. "Don't leave." Oh, Mr. Cyr! Fine, you're pretty cute.

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