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At the usual diner, Sarah and Julia try to reassure Adam that Haddie's hair change is no big deal, while Crosby ribs him that it means his daughter will soon become a stripper. Nice. The normal jibber jabber goes on as they all talk over each other, the highlights of which include Adam talking about the unconscionable behavior of whoever busted his tail light, and Sarah not owning up to it. Crosby grabs his head, in pain, and reports on his drunken night with his father. Everyone is rightly mortified, and Julia asks what's really going on with their parents. Naturally, since they've been keeping the secret for about three minutes and can bear it no longer, Sarah and Adam come clean about Zeek's affair of many years ago. I guess they forgot for a minute about Camille's thing with Matthew, because neither of them mention it, though you know they will. Adam does remember, however, that he needs to cancel on baseball practice with Drew that night. He kind of flails around about having stuff to do at home, and needing to keep the peace with Kristina, but Sarah gets it. "I'm sorry," Adam says. Sarah sighs. "No," she says. "I'm sorry."

Drew's the one who's really sorry, though, because he has to practice baseball with his mother. "Mom," he says, chasing after one of her wild throws. "I can barely look at you." I love Drew. Amber comes out during these shenanigans to ask what's going on, seeing as how Sarah doesn't know anything about sports. "What's to know?" Sarah asks, adjusting her baseball cap. "You throw it; you catch it. Adam couldn't make it." Amber realizes this is all down to her actions with Steve. Eh, true enough, but really it's about a bunch of adults unable to overcome their own adolescent memories and emotions, catalyzed by this new event. Sarah tries to brush it off so she can enjoy this one moment with Drew, but Amber can't let it go. "I'm sure they think that Haddie dyed her hair black because of me, too," she mopes. Sarah tells her not to make everything about herself, and as Amber continues her assurance-begging, Sarah finally snaps. "Maybe you should have thought about what you did, before... you know?" she says. Amber is shocked and appalled, totally offended, but... girl. Your mom's right. Sorry. There comes a time when you have to stop whining about something that is your own doing. Poor Drew feebly tries a few "guys, please"s but the ladies are off and running and now Sarah is really mad. "It's one thing if you're miserable," she yells at her daughter. "It's another thing if you bring us all down with you. So, I'm just asking - just think ONE STEP beyond 'oh, this feels good.' That's all I'm asking you to do." So harsh -- it hurt to watch it -- but she's so right. I mean, by now, Amber has learned this lesson a few times, from what I can tell. Her jaw drops all the way open and she stutters an "okay" before taking off, Sarah calling after her in an apology that falls on deaf ears.

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