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"I forget that Fresno is so industrial," Adam muses. Sarah: "How could you forget? I mean, you used to visit all the time." Adam: "Well, you can't keep me away from the Raisin Capital of the World." Awesome. They arrive at the lair of the hated Damian. "I never thought I'd hope to find the two of them together," Sarah says, and the mount the stairs to his gross apartment, hearing giggling on the other side of the door. "I think we've found them," Sarah says, and Adam figures he'd better hang back while she goes in to extract Amber. "What? No, you're muscle," she insists. "Now, man up! Cover your eyes!" With that, they burst in, and find Damian and... some other naked chick. "This is a brand new girl!" Sarah yells, adding an apology while Adam cringes. "Where's Amber?!" Damian haughtily tells her that he hasn't seen Amber in weeks. "So sorry," Sarah says, pushing Adam out, and adds to the naked chick that she's very pretty. They get out fast, but Damian screams after them to close the door, and Adam has to run back up the stairs to do it. Hilarious. "My God," Sarah crabs at him. "You're the politest person I know!"

Back in the car, Sarah is becoming more frantic, leaving yet another message for Amber. "I'm just still looking for you, with Uncle Adam," she says. "We stopped by Damian's house, so that made me feel a whole lot better... I'm somewhat holding it together, and... I love you." It can't even think of how scary it is not to know where your child is.

At Julia's, the financial meeting with Tim(MM)mm(m) is going on. Camille is in attendance, which Zeek somehow takes as a good sign. Wow, I am at all interested in Timm or anything happening with this. He's annoying, Zeek is annoying, and the buying and selling of securities and properties and all of that is zzzzz.... Huh? Timm tries to explain how Zeek is going to have to "take a haircut" on this deal, seeing as how it's a textbook example of timing the market wrong, and how I WISH he was talking about a literal haircut, because Zeek very desperately needs one. This all turns into a lot of dick-measuring about how Zeek was in Nam and blah blah blah securitized fund/don't patronize me/the world's in the toilet. The only person enjoying this whole scene is the silent Joel, who gets to watch his weakened father-in-law rip Timm a new one. "I'm just a regular guy," Zeek says, coming down the table to lean over the guy who came to help him. "But you wanna know something, Timm-with-two-Ms? I consider myself TOO BIG to FAIL." With that, he pounds convincingly on the table and walks out, leaving Julia embarrassed and furious; Camille rolling her eyes; and Joel smugly satisfied.

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