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Speaking of failing, back on the road from Fresno, it's happening again. Adam gets pulled over because of his busted tail light. Pleading with the officer about the missing niece is fruitless, and when the cop goes to run his plates, Sarah sucks it up and admits her tail light guilt. "I couldn't handle one more bad thing!" she says, to his incredulous lecture. "I didn't want to disappoint you again! Well, now we know where she gets it from!" She says that every day since this thing with Steve happened, all she can think is that moving her family to Berkeley was a mistake and that they should move back. Before Adam can respond, her phone rings. "Oh my God," she says, looking at the number. "Amber." Since Amber's calling from the last pay phone left in America, I am not sure how she knew it was her, but, thank God, it is. She's calling from a truck stop in Gilroy. A truck stop to which she HITCHHIKED. "Oh, I'm gonna kill you," Sarah says, and who could blame her? Not Amber, who says she knows, and cries for Sarah to just please come and get her. Thing is, she doesn't know the address of the place, and I guess she's too scared to go inside and ask, though surely the parking lot pay phone booth is far more scary. "She's okay; she's okay," Sarah says repeatedly, while Adam heads off into the night to this truck stop, whereabouts unknown.

On the way there, Adam calls Kristina on the car's speaker phone to give her an update. "Is she okay?" Kristina asks, genuinely concerned. She insists that she will meet them at the truck stop. "I'm closer, it's easy." Adam assures her that she doesn't need to do that. "I do have to do it," she says. "She's my niece." When Sarah hears this over the speaker, she fights back tears, and so do I. Haddie, also, overhears what's going on, and begs Kristina to take her, too. "Honey, you have to stay with Max," Kristina says, but when she sees her daughter's sincerity, she gives in. They drop Max at Camille's and go.

Back at Julia's, Zeek is getting owned by his youngest kid. "Dad, you and your stupid pride," she screams at him. "You could lose everything. You could lose the house! You could lose Mom! I'm sorry I'm yelling at you, but I don't want to see that happen, because I love you." He tries to assuage her with stupid dad platitudes (daditudes?), but she throws up her hands.

In the car on the way to Gilroy, Haddie finally tells the truth about why she dyed her hair. "I just needed a change," she says. "Just, something had to change. I was really bored with myself. Because everything I did was predictable, and was like this person who everybody thought they knew." Bless her heart. Kristina sighs, but Haddie goes on. She says when Amber came to town, she was struck by how different she was. "She's free! And, I hate her for what she did with Steve, but I want to be more like her." Kristina is overcome. "You're so perfect the way that you are," she says. "It kills me to see you hurt like this." She says when she was Haddie's age she was pressured into many things that she regrets "by my friends, by boys, and people that I thought I trusted, and I don't want that for you." Monica Potter just rips me up every time every time. She says she wants Haddie to talk to her about all this stuff, all the time. "I know you know, already, about Steve," Haddie says, talking about sex. "Well, I'm not ready." Kristina, supportively but firmly, says yeah, she's not ready, and she's proud of Haddie for knowing it. "Sorry for not telling you I was gonna dye my hair," Haddie says, and Kristina smiles. "Honey, I kind of like it," she says. "It's really cute!"

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