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Bailey is sitting on the porch swing. Julia joins him. Julia says they have a problem. Usually when one of them leaves, they close the circle and wait for that person to come back, but this is different. Bailey says he understands she has a great internship, but she could get another one next year, due to her great résumé. What great résumé? She wrote a book that never got published, she went to college for two years, and she had a job for like a week in a museum. Has she ever had a real job? Bailey has a much better résumé, if that's what we're talking about. I think he means Julia is smarter than him, plus she's not a convicted felon. So, there's that. Bailey says he needs help, and luck. He has a guy pulling strings for him, and he'll never have the chance to get a degree from an Ivy League school ever again. Julia says she told her internship yes and made arrangements with her school. Bailey says he's always the one who backs down and gets stuck at home, and he can't give in this time. They both sit in silence. I think in this instance, I have to give the advantage to Bay. His argument is certainly more convincing.

Charlie and Kirsten are in their car, driving home. Charlie says he was worried about the wrong thing in making arrangements with Bailey, and it was a waste of time. In the beginning, when his parents died, he was the one who wanted nothing to do with his family, and now he's the only one left.

Julia comes into her room and stands facing Justin with her back to the camera. He asks what Bailey said, and we can tell from his reaction that Julia said Bailey won't back down. Fade to Bailey sitting outside, looking pensive. Fade to Claudia, watching Bailey through the window. Fade to me, with my finger on the fast forward button, looking at the clock and trying to figure out how many scenes are left in this show.

Justin and Bailey are in the basement, doing laundry. I'm guessing they let everyone out of the basement at this point, since the show's nearly over. Bailey says he's sure Justin and Julia talked. Justin tells Bailey not to say anything, because he got what he wanted. Bailey's all, "Huh?" and Justin says Julia called DC to turn down the internship, so Bailey can go and Julia will stay. Bailey tries to explain. Justin's all, "Yeah, yeah, it's your biggest opportunity" but that this isn't just about who makes the best career move. It's also about Julia and him being in love and getting out of there. Bailey asks why they need to get out. Justin says when Julia is there, she can't get away from her family, and as evidence he offers that she threw away her plans for Bailey's sake. Justin says good schools aren't the only chances in life that don't come around twice. Oh, please. Justin could finish up college and in a year, he and Julia could move somewhere outside of San Francisco, but not clear across the country. I don't know why he's being such a drama queen about all this. Their relationship survived a miscarriage and both of them being married to other people. I'm sure they can make it through another year. I think they just have Justin make that speech because they knew if Julia made it, everyone would hate her more.

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Party of Five




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