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Owen is in the car with Charlie, and he tells "Char" he decided on a name. Owen thought about what Charlie said about naming the baby after someone who matters, and someone he looks up to. Charlie thinks he knows where this is going, clearly expecting Owen to suggest the name "Charlie." Owen says he wants to name the baby, "Stewy" after a kid on his soccer team who scored five goals, and who is good at flicking boogers across the room. Hey, that's a skill. Charlie asks how Owen is indebted to Stewy, since he wanted to name the baby after someone to whom he owed a lot. Owen just whines that Charlie said he could pick the name. Charlie puts his head in his hands, probably groaning at this non-comic non-relief subplot.

Bailey and Claudia are in the kitchen. Bailey says he "can't let [her] do that." Claudia says it's not Bailey's decision, it's hers. Bailey points out that Claudia told him at lunch that she really wants to go. Claudia says maybe she's meant to go to Stanford, and thinks about how her potential best teacher or best friend could be at Stanford. Bailey asks if she really thinks first or second choice doesn't matter. Claudia says that for the last six years, Bailey has taken care of her and it's been a one-way street. Bailey says it's been both ways, and they're even. Claudia says it's not even close to even. Bailey, Julia and Charlie kept the family together for Claudia and Owen's sake. Bailey was only sixteen, younger than she is now, and he did it for her. Now it's her turn. Aw. I cried a little in this scene, but only because I'm a sucker for the Bailey/Claudia bond. I just keep thinking about in the intervention episode when Claudia told Bailey she loved him the best, but she wouldn't love him anymore unless he got help. Wow. Remember when this show used to be good?

Bailey comes into the office and gives Charlie a hard time about a price on some wood. When Charlie asks what's up, Bailey says he might come crawling back. He's had a nice time thinking he could leave, but if he goes, Claudia and Julia will stay. Charlie asks how he knows that, and Bailey says Claudia told him herself and Justin told him about Julia. Charlie asks why he's staying, then. Bailey says he tried to say that it was his turn to leave. If he goes, and the guilt doesn't kill him, it will certainly make him flunk out, and by then Claudia and Julia will have lost their chance, so he might as well bow out now. Charlie thinks there might be a way. Bailey fights back tears as he says it's not so horrible to put them first because he loves them, and he'll get another chance. Charlie tries to talk, but Bailey tells him not to say anything, and that it's okay. Actually, it's not okay, but it's how it is. Bailey points out that they've said that a lot in the past six years -- it's not okay, but it's how it is. The first time I saw this scene, I thought it was really dumb and out of character that Bailey thought he was such a failure. When I watched it again, I realized that Bailey doesn't think that, but he's trying to convince himself he has good reasons for staying, trying to talk himself into it. I guess I'm just not used to the writers on this show being that subtle.

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