Party of Five
All's Well That Ends Well

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Charlie comes in the house and calls Julia, Claudia, Bailey and Owen into the living room. They all show up, except Owen, who couldn't undo the locks on his manacles, apparently. Charlie needs to talk to them. He has this thing he does, almost as a reflex, where he asks himself what "they" would do in given situations. If their kids came to them with great opportunities, their parents would tell all three of them to go. Claudia says their parents would want them to stay together. Bailey says they can't all leave. Julia says it's too much. Claudia doesn't think their parents would want that. Charlie says if their parents were still alive, they would have all left a long time ago. Julia and Bailey would have been out the door at eighteen, and Claudia would have gone to college without a second thought. None of them would have known Owen, and none of them would've known Charlie because he would've been out of the house for so long. They'd be living separate lives, and it wouldn't be a tragedy, because it was meant to be. They stayed together so much longer than most families, so it's got to be okay to take care of themselves now. Julia says it's hard to imagine them all in different places. Charlie says it's going to happen eventually. Bailey doesn't know, because staying close works for them, and he doesn't want to mess that up. Charlie asks him how long they're going to stay close, forever? They're not children anymore. They were when their parents died, even Charlie at twenty-five, and they stayed together and held on to each other tightly in order to make it. They all want the others to be happy. They love each other. Doesn't that mean they got it right? Not if they believe that they're only family if they're close enough to touch, that means they've failed. They've survived more than distance, distance is nothing. They should go, all of them. Wow. That was a pretty good speech, huh? Not a dry eye in the house, I bet.

Claudia, Julia and Bailey are all sitting in the bathroom, for some unknown reason. Julia proposes that they come up with rules to ensure they stay in touch, like a conference call every Sunday, so that no matter where they are, they connect. Bailey says they should all come home for Christmas. Julia adds Easter. Bailey adds Owen's birthday. Claudia asks about when the baby is born. Julia says they'll come home then, too. For the important stuff, it will just be understood. They'll be racking up the frequent flier miles with that plan.

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Party of Five




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