Party of Five
All's Well That Ends Well

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It's Salinger-ific!

A couple is looking at the house while all the Salingers stand in the kitchen and stare at them, like that would happen. ["Actually, it does happen, and it's really brutal when you're looking at a filthy, horrible house and all you want to do is run from the first second you open the door, and then the owner's like, 'Let me show you the high ceilings upstairs!' and you're trying to back out the door with your boots unlaced because you don't want to walk on the flea-ridden bright red shag carpet. Not that I'd know." -- Wing Chun] The couple talks about how they would arrange the house for their two small kids. They go out to check out the yard, and Bailey comments sarcastically, "Terrible people." Charlie says they can all decide what to do. Julia doesn't want to decide, because it's all they have left of their childhood. Bailey asks Claude what she thinks. Claudia think that couple will be okay, and they still have the restaurant and their parents' things, and photographs, and what she has in her head. Claude will want her own home someday, and she's had seventeen years there, and that's enough. The couple comes back in and says they want to make an offer. The Salingers fade out until all that's left is an empty kitchen. Woo, special effects.

Bailey takes down a basketball hoop and Charlie promises to put it up at his new place. Kirsten offers everyone pizza and when no one takes any, she pretends to eat it herself. Can't we put this charade aside? There are only a few scenes left. Julia says Owen and Diana are sleeping. Everyone asks Claudia if everything's okay. Claudia says she doesn't know why everyone's acting "so pissy," she just thought it would be nice to spend the last night in their old rooms. Bailey says that's because she didn't have to lug the mattresses down from the attic, and that the house is not designed to sleep seven. Julia corrects him by saying eight, because of "Stewy." Bailey says, "Stewy Salinger," like rub it in, dude. Claudia says she can't wait to see their next kids: "Dewey and Louie." Claudia Salinger, ladies and gentlemen! She'll be here all week. Try the fish, it's delicious. Charlie suggests they finish packing. Bailey and Julia say they are leaving the next morning at eight. Charlie says they should split up and check the rooms again, but no one wants to get up. Finally, Bailey's like "Okay, let's go," and they leave. Kirsten stares at the fireplace, and flashes back to when she asked Charlie to marry her, but she had a cold, so it came out "Bury me!" and Charlie thought she was talking about her funeral. I think they purposely picked a clip where Kirsten was sick so we wouldn't notice how terrible she looks now in comparison. Claude comes in and offers to help. Kirsten says she was taking snapshots in her head. Claudia says she videotaped the house earlier today, for when the memories start to fade.

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Party of Five




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