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Todd is sleeping on his side and Claudia reaches up from behind him and starts rubbing his arms. They're both naked! Claudia! He wakes up and asks where they are. Claudia says they're in his bed. Todd wants to know what time it is, because he's worried his mom will come home. Claudia says she already is because she heard "banging" downstairs. Todd gets all freaked out but Claudia points out that the door is locked and if his mom knocked, she could hide, and plus Todd looked so peaceful sleeping. Todd says he looked peaceful because he didn't know he was about to be grounded for life. Claudia starts getting dressed while Todd freaks out some more. Claudia floats the suggestion that if they both end up going to college in San Francisco, they should get an apartment together, like Bailey and Sarah did. Yeah, and we all know how successful Bailey and Sarah's relationship was. Todd says they're only seventeen, and his parents would freak. Claudia points out that Todd has his own car, his own checking account and his own tax guy. Todd says he'd like to, but they have to think of "a good, practical reason." He says he'll go distract his mom while Claudia sneaks down the back stairs and out the alley, and reminds her to put a bag on her head so the neighbor doesn't recognize her. Claudia agrees and says that while the bag's on her head, she'll think of a good, practical reason. Todd doesn't catch the sarcasm and says, "Great!" I have to admit, as a teenager, I was a lot more like Todd than Claudia.

Kirsten and Charlie are setting up a bed on the floor for Daphne and Luke, and apologizing for the lack of accommodations. Kirsten suggests they take her bed, since Charlie will be working nights while he scales down the company. Daphne asks what that's about, because Luke said it was like a base closing. Luke corrects her, saying that he actually said the opposite, but he says it pretty sharply and there is an awkward silence. Kirsten says she's going to get breakfast food, because of her contractual obligation to mention food once per scene, and Luke offers to go with her. Once they leave, Daphne says that she's a terrible girlfriend because Luke has shown her fourteen apartments in Dallas and she didn't like any of them. The one thing missing was Diana. Doesn't she get Diana back soon? Anyway, she doesn't feel like she's being fair to Luke. Charlie asks how putting your family first can be wrong.

Julia is looking at some pictures on a wall when a woman comes by and introduces herself as "Beth Colt." Apparently, this is Julia's internship interview for NOW. More tertiary character praise follows, as Beth congratulates Julia on her speech. She says the internship "pays nothing" and the hours are endless, plus she's "not always a dream to work for." The job involves writing position papers, public speaking and doing one-on-one work with "everyone from abuse victims to reps." Julia thinks that sounds great. Beth says she must be okay with relocating, but Julia hadn't heard about that part of the internship. Beth thinks it's a deal-breaker but Julia says it isn't, and asks if this constitutes an offer. Beth begs her to please accept and give her an address where she can "start sending your pitiful stipend." Julia asks for a day to think about it, because she'd be leaving her home and family, and it's kind of a big deal. Before any of you college women out there start getting funny ideas, I checked the website, and NOW does not offer any paid internships, summer or otherwise. If it was that easy for me to find, you'd think the writers could have found it too.

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