Party of Five
All's Well That Ends Well

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Bailey talks to Owen about going to Pennsylvania. Bay says he'd do a lot of work at home, so the only time they'd really be apart would be when they were both at class. It would be scary to meet new kids, but they'd both be doing it together. Bay keeps babbling like this and Owen interrupts and asks if he has to go, if Bailey's just pretending to ask but really they're going no matter what. Bailey says no, that he wants to know how Owen feels. Owen wants to stay, and begs Bailey to let him stay. Except he's not a very good actor, so it kind of comes out in a monotone: "No. Please, Bailey. Let. Me. Stay." Bailey says he won't make him go, but what if Bailey wants to go? It would be like when Julia went away because college is important and sometimes you have to go far away to find the right one. Owen wants to know who will do his assignments with him, and who will do the things Bailey does. I'll forgive Owen for making it all about him because he's like seven years old. The rest of those Salingers have no excuse. Bailey says Julia, Charlie and Claudia will all be there. Well, as far as Bailey knows, anyway. Do you see where this one is going? Get it? Because Julia and Claudia are planning on leaving too? Owen says he doesn't want Bailey to go and turns away from him and Bailey stares off into space real hard.

Claudia enters Julia's lair and says she wants to talk. Julia asks what about and Claude hems and haws for a while and then says, "I had sex." Julia's all, "What?" and Claude's all "I had sex. I had sex." Yes, she said it three times total. Julia asks how it was and if Claudia's okay. Claudia says it was fine and it's been nice. Julia catches on and says, "Oh, more than once?" and then asks if Claude's being safe. Claudia snorts, "Julia, we're talking about Todd. The guy's so hygienic you could practically perform surgery in that bed." Julia says it seems kind of fast and asks how long they've been dating, as if Julia has any right to pass judgment. Claudia agrees with me and says they've been dating for months, besides, Julia got drunk and had sex with Justin and they weren't even dating. Well, she's got a point there. Julia asks if she's okay again, and Claude says she's fine about the sex, but other stuff is bothering her. Julia asks what she means and Claudia says nothing right now. She thinks it's good that Julia is around for her to talk to. Julia says of course. Do you get it? Because Julia is planning on leaving and she won't be around? I'm not sure if you got that. Did you get it?

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Party of Five




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