Party of Five
All's Well That Ends Well

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It's Salinger-ific!

Daphne is talking to Diana at Charlie's apartment. Charlie comes in and offers to take them to lunch with Kirsten because of that contractual obligation about Kirsten and food. He notices that Daphne is crying and asks what's going on. Daphne says that Diana's best word is "bye-bye" and that she loves Luke but all her friends are there. All her friends that came over and offered to help when she was suffering from post-partum depression? Those friends? Yeah, those are great friends. Or did she mean Charlie and Kirsten? Anyway, Daphne says Luke loves his job and he wouldn't be able to get one like it anywhere else, even though San Francisco has like the tightest job market in the country and they're practically hiring toddlers out of pre-school. She can't ask him to give up his job, just like he can't ask her to give up her daughter, so maybe she should give him up.

Bailey tells Joe he wants to be a consultant, and help businesses fix their problems. He babbles on some more about Kimball and college. Joe says he's the wrong guy to talk to about this because Bailey knows how he feels about the Salingers. He hates them? Oh wait, that's me. Joe explains that running the restaurant was not the only life he considered, but Mr. Salinger needed the restaurant to support his family and he needed Joe to run the restaurant, so Joe passed up a lot of opportunities. He doesn't have any regrets, but Bailey's not the only one who can take care of Owen. Bailey asks if Joe is saying he should go to Pennsylvania. Joe says it's the chance of a lifetime, and how can he pass it up?

Claudia plays the violin, but she can't get one part right. Ross tells her to take it easy, because it's not like she's in competition. Claudia mutters, "Not now, anyway," and Ross wonders what that means. Claudia confesses that she got into Juilliard, and says she's not going but she just wanted to see if she could get in. Ross can't believe she wasn't going to tell him, and that she's not going. Claudia says she doesn't have the money, plus there's Todd. Ross says to forget the money because they can always work something out with aid and loans. Ross won't let her pass this up because this could be her big break. He tells her he can help with the money if she'll agree to think about it. He says Todd is a musician so he will understand. Claudia thinks for a minute and then nods yes. Ross says he'll make some phone calls to see if he has any connections to get her a scholarship, but in the meantime, she'd better start practicing.

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Party of Five




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