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Kimball is talking to some clients. Bailey comes up behind them and says he has a question. Kimball says he talked to the admissions office and they're still waiting on a decision from Bailey, and they can't hold the spot forever. Bailey wonders if there is someplace else he could go that's closer to home. Kimball can't believe he'd give up a shot at Wharton. Wharton? Jeez, even I've heard of Wharton! Bailey says it's about his family. Kimball wonders if someone is sick, or if it has to do with money. Where were these benefactors when I wanted to go to an Ivy League School and couldn't afford it. I should have changed my last name to Salinger and people would just throw college money at me, apparently. Anyway, Bailey says it's not those things, but he still wonders if there is anyplace local. Kimball says that only a few Fortune 500 companies are in San Francisco and going to Wharton will give Bailey worldwide opportunities. I really wish someone would mention the fact that there are a ton of startups in San Francisco that would hire Bailey in like a heartbeat. It's really bugging me. Kimball says that Wharton is the only choice and Bailey shouldn't throw it away. Then he just walks away without saying goodbye, like nice way to end the conversation, dude. Obviously they don't teach manners at Wharton.

Todd taps on the back door of Casa Salinger and Claudia answers. He asks where she was, since they had a session. Claudia gives the unbelievably lame excuse, "I had some stuff to take care of." Good one. He asks kind of meanly if she was looking for apartments for them next year and if she remembers that plan. Claude doesn't know what he's getting at, so he confesses that Ross came to the session with a scholarship application for the director to sign. Claudia says that she "accidentally" told Ross about getting into Juilliard, and he's made it his personal mission to get her financial help so she can go. Todd basically says that's a load of crap (not in so many words) because her signature was on the application. Claudia tells Todd she really, really doesn't want to leave. Todd tells her that's not very smart, because she must be out of her mind to pass it up, and he'd go. If he were Claudia, he'd be really sad, but he'd say goodbye and he'd leave. Seriously, there are no seventeen-year-old boys who are this kind and understanding, right? I mean, he finally found a girl who would have sex with him, and now he's encouraging her to move across the country? He's so selfless. He's like the anti-Salinger.

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Party of Five




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