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Owen gets out of the basement, or school, or something and runs up to Charlie and Diana. Charlie says he's picking him up today but he wants to talk first. Owen reads a book to Diana. Charlie tells a little story about how Diana was shouting, "When when. When when," and they finally figured out the second "when" meant Owen, and she wanted to know when she would see Owen again. Is Diana really capable of that kind of reasoning? Maybe Charlie was just trying to set up this next part. Charlie says he and Kirsten are having a baby and it's a lot of work, and they could use Owen's help with Diana. Owen isn't falling for it, and asks if he's going to live with Charlie because Bailey's leaving. Charlie says that might happen. Owen says that he would be like Charlie, in that he would be Diana's big brother. Well, actually, he's her uncle, but I see where he's going with this. Owen says he could take care of Diana like Charlie took care of him, and that's okay.

Todd is sitting on his bed, tuning his violin, when Claudia enters. She admits that she's been playing games and hasn't been honest. The second she found out she got into Juilliard, she knew she should go. Getting an apartment with Todd would have been an extra reason to stay. She finally told Ross because she knew he would push her to go. Todd guesses she didn't want to hurt him. Claudia thinks she ended up hurting him more. Todd says he's the one who hurt her by playing along, and that he made her feel guilty about something she should have felt good about, and he should have been happy for her. He says they don't have to break up, and that they have three months before she leaves, and he wants to spend every minute with her. Yeah, I bet they break up as soon as Claudia comes home for Thanksgiving Break. Definitely by Christmas.

Julia and Justin are walking up a hill in the middle of the street. I know the director probably wanted to prove they were in San Francisco, but couldn't they have picked a less steep hill? I'm getting tired just watching them walk. Anyway, Justin is babbling about how they should get an apartment within sight of a DC landmark, no matter how small it is. Julia says that she's leaving home and she'll never come back. So when she lived with Ned, she always assumed she'd come back? Hasn't Julia left home like three times now? Anyway, Justin says she'll be back, but Julia says it will just be for a visit, and she won't live there anymore. Justin tells her not to feel guilty. She says her family will still have each other (well, as far as she knows) but she won't have them anymore. She won't know them so well, and she'll only have her memories.

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Party of Five




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