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Bad Behavior

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Bad Behavior

Adam is giving a tour on that ship and Julia shows up again. Seriously, he could have her arrested for stalking at this point. He sees Julia and dismisses his tour. Julia says he's not being fair to himself, because he can get a G.E.D., and she'll help him with his spelling and grammar. Adam says, "No, thanks. You've really done plenty for me already." Ha! Julia asks him what he's afraid of, and he says, "Free therapy!" Julia implies that he gave up when he found out that his writing would be judged if he enrolled. Adam says that she was the one who was afraid, because she didn't want to try something new, so she wrote about him instead. Then he agrees to apply to school if Julia will face her issues. Julia says, "This isn't about me." Mark it down on your calendars, because for the first time in her life, Julia has admitted that it is not, in fact, about her. Adam says that if she feels that way, they are done talking. Julia says that she will deal with her alleged issues. Adam tells her to get up on a deck, and then tells the crowd that Julia has just returned from a decommissioned frigate in Seattle, and is there to talk to them about it. Julia protests, but then she makes up some really lame stories about frigate history. Probably those kids on the tour are going to go back to school and use these "historical facts" in an essay, and flunk out, and it will all be Julia's and Adam's fault.

Charlie calls Kirsten at work. He wants to talk about the other night, and says they have to find a way to "stay connected." That's about all I can say about this scene, because the rest of it involves "red satin lingerie" and "ripping it off with your teeth" and I can't stomach it.

Bailey walks into the kitchen and starts clearing it up. He turns on the radio and then goes into the fridge and gets a beer. He continues to clear up the kitchen, and take long swigs from the beer bottle, which is totally foaming over on the counter, like wouldn't have get a paper towel or something? But he's Bailey, the drinking man, and he doesn't care about anything!

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