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Bad Behavior

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Bad Behavior

Charlie is showing his designs to a vendor. The vendor asks for an estimate on how long it takes to deliver the stuff after it is ordered. Charlie hems and haws, mumbling about "custom-made" and such, and Daphne interrupts him because she needs to discuss "the fax to Sao Paolo." Wait, when did Daphne start working there? Are they just throwing plot points out, or am I asleep on the job? Maybe now that they know the show is ending soon, they have to speed everything up, so half of the plot is taking place off-camera. Unfortunately, it's not the good half. Anyway, Charlie brings us up to speed by saying that Daphne is supposed to be helping him prepare for the design convention. He does not, however, mention who is watching Diana, although I guess Daphne's new boyfriend could be, since Charlie gave him the royal nod last week. Daphne says she learned in telemarketing (where she worked like one day) that the first rule of sales is "close the deal," and that he should find out what the customer wants and then promise it. Charlie says he doesn't want to make a promise he can't deliver. Daphne says that he will deliver, but that it might be a little late. She points out that no contractors deliver on time, and that even Charlie's own suppliers are usually late, and that he needs these orders to save the business. Then Daphne walks over to the vendor and asks him if he needs his orders in six weeks. When the vendor hesitates, Daphne promises it in four weeks. Hey, FOX, the writers of Working Girl called and they want their plot back. If Daphne says at any point that she has a head for business and a bod for sin, I'm quitting.

Julia has apparently decided to resume going to classes, and there appear to be no repercussions to the fact that she hasn't attended in about three months. Well, her friend from the Halloween episode is gone, but I doubt that's Julia's fault. But I'm going to blame her anyway. The teacher is talking about "flow" and being creative, and how sometimes you have to just start writing and I'm getting inspired to start the recap but then I look up and see Julia's face and it all comes crashing down. Anyway, the teacher says she wants them to all just start writing on a topic, and the topic is shadow. I swear, I did this writing exercise in the fifth grade, and I think teachers used to pull it out when they wanted a few uninterrupted minutes to do their taxes or something. Anyway, Julia can't bear to have the focus off her for more than a minute so she raises her hand and asks about grammar and syntax and word count, and the teacher ignores her. Everyone else just starts writing, and Julia stares at them. She writes a sentence, then crosses it out. She sees one guy writing like a maniac in the corner. She looks down at her paper, with one crossed-out sentence and about four other words, and just puts her pen down.

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