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Bad Behavior

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Bad Behavior

Owen is playing basketball. He gets the ball, dribbles and shoots, and misses, and the buzzer sounds to end the game. Victor is standing on the sidelines next to Hughley's dad. Instead of asking him what the hell he was thinking with that name, he tells the dad that Hughley looked good out there. Dad says that Hughley needs to work on his defense. Dude, he's like seven years old. He needs to work on learning to tie his shoes and not to eat paste. Victor mentions that Hughley is spending the night and Dad asks if Bailey will be there. Victor says Bailey will be home later, probably after he puts the kids to bed. Dad walks away and starts talking to Owen and Hughley. The cruelest part of the kid being named Hughley is that he's kind of chubby, so you know everyone called him HUGE-ly. Parents really need to think about these things. Anyway, Owen runs up and asks Victor if he can stay at Hughley's house instead. Victor says he thought Hughley was staying with them. Owen says Hughley's dad offered to take them out for pizza and a movie. Victor says that it's really Bailey's decision. Hughley yells to Owen to hurry up. Owen says that if Bailey has a problem with him staying over, he should come get him, and takes off. Victor looks thoughtful.

Julia is walking down the hall and asking prolific writer guy from class why he didn't hand in his piece. He tells her that it stinks. Julia says she knows what he means, and that "really good writing is something you have to sweat over" as they get into the elevator together. Julia suddenly grabs the guy's notebook from under his arm. How rude! She reads it and says that it's great, and asks again why he didn't hand it in. The guy says he thought he could make it better. Julia says that she didn't write anything, and he wrote "two solid pages and it's not that bad." I wonder who died and made Julia the editor of a fiction magazine. Oh, that's right, she's self-appointed. Julia goes on to say that she's "sorry to dump this on [him]," but that she just wrote a book that isn't getting published and now she feels like she has nothing left, and it seems so easy for him, so she's wondering how he does it. The guy seems taken aback, but then says he finds coffee helps because it makes his hand move faster, which makes his head work faster. Also, fried food lubricates his brain. Okay, clearly this guy was not a biology major, since he doesn't have the slightest conception of how digestion works. Julia thinks he is making fun of her, but he insists that he isn't. He says he also tries to stay in a constant state of yearning for "respect, material" Julia smiles because she realizes that another fly has stumbled into her web of love. The elevator doors open and Julia asks, "Who's Lane Victory?" which is what it says on the guy's hat. He grabs his hat and says "Good luck with that" while making a quick escape. Julia yells after him to ask his name. Run, prolific writer! She will only suck you dry and then leave you a dried-out husk of your former self! Run, far away!

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Party of Five




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