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Bad Behavior

Claudia and Todd are walking up to her front door. Claudia says she had no idea it would be an audition, but Todd says it was a jam session. Do you have jam sessions with classical instruments? Like, look at me, I'm jamming on this French horn! Dude, watch me rock out on the bassoon! Claudia worries that her pitch was off, but Todd assures her that she has perfect pitch, and says they're going to call her about a film score this week. Claudia can't because she doesn't have enough time to practice. Todd says they don't practice because they don't know what they'll be playing until they get there. Claudia thinks that is horrifying. Todd says it's liberating in a way because you learn how to use your instincts. I love when shows use music as a metaphor for life. Oh wait, no I don't. At least not when they are this obvious. Anyway, Todd leans in for a big smooch, but Claudia breaks it off and runs inside.

Julia and Adam are sitting at a table somewhere, and it comes out that Adam's mother is in Australia, and doesn't offer him any financial support, and that Adam's father died with a lot of debt. Julia says, "Yeah, but did you get married and divorced before you were legal drinking age, and then was your brother an alcoholic, and then did your other brother get cancer, and then did your lover beat you? Huh? Did that happen to you? I win! You must love me now." Okay, she doesn't say that, but she was probably thinking it. Instead, she says that he could get caught taking classes without being enrolled, and that he won't get grades or credit or feedback, and that he could get financial aid and enroll normally. Adam says that people have seen him around so he can't go to the Dean now. Their coffee arrives so Julia quits grilling him for a few minutes. Adam says he knew he wanted to start writing when his dad died and his mom asked him to write the obituary, so he just started making up a bunch of stuff about yodeling and Switzerland. Julia says she knew she wanted to write when the show's writers couldn't think of an interesting storyline that didn't involve someone falling hopelessly in love with her. Anyway, Adam wants to go to classes so that he can be around people who know about writing.

At Salinger's, Joe gets Will a soda and tells him that Bailey will be there any minute. Bailey shows up and goes behind the bar, and Will asks him if he was with Megan. Bailey joins me in saying, "Megan?" Will yells out that Megan is Deborah's little sister, "who [Bailey] had sex with last night!" Then he asks if Bailey knew she was a virgin. Is this really the appropriate setting for the conversation? Bailey says, "No way" and "How was I supposed to know?" and "She was begging me for it" which are all super-lame excuses, I have to tell you that. Will says that Megan is "wrecked" because the first guy she slept with didn't call her the next day. Bailey says he's sorry but he said no a hundred times, and Megan was going to go home with somebody. Oh, so to stop her, you had to have sex with her? Bailey, I expect more from you. Will says he asked him not to sleep with her, and wonders what's wrong with Bailey and then stomps out. Bailey stares after him, and then looks at Joe who is giving him a reproachful look too, since he (and the rest of the patrons) clearly heard the whole conversation.

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