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Bad Behavior

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Bad Behavior

Charlie, at the design expo, is on the phone with Kirsten, asking her when she's going to be there. She says she'll be there as soon as she can. Maybe if these two spent less time on the phone and more time working, they would get done sooner and have more time together. Just a thought. Charlie sees a bunch of men clamoring around a booth so he walks over. He sees Daphne behind the booth and realizes that it's his own designs in which they're interested. In the booth, there's a guy getting his picture taken with two apparently naked women on a bed. Charlie asks Daphne what's going on, but Daphne is too busy taking orders to answer. Finally, she says she had a last-minute idea, so she didn't have time to check with him. Charlie asks if the women in the bed are really naked. Daphne takes a picture of them and asks if Kirsten is coming. Charlie says it's great that there are so many people there, but wonders if this is the image they want to project. Daphne asks him if he brought more order forms because they are out. Charlie says, "We're out?" and more guys get in bed with the naked chicks. Salinger Designs -- the Hooters of the furniture world.

Claudia is practicing out in Griffin's shed. Where the hell is Griffin? Julia walks in and Claudia tells her she's sight-reading. Julia thought Claudia wasn't playing anymore, but Claudia doesn't know. She says, "He said I should trust my instincts, but my instincts are all over the place." Julia picks up on the intimation of a man and says, "He?" Claudia starts telling her about Todd and how great he is, and Julia says that's great. Then Claudia says that he is "so far ahead of [her] that [she]'ll have to move fast to keep up." Julie says that's not great. Then Claudia says she wanted to kiss him, but that she's not ready. Julia says that she can't help her because it's her decision to make. Claudia wonders where her instincts are, because she used to have them. Maybe they're in the basement with Diana, along with my former respect for this show.

Owen is on the floor in his room, and Victor comes in to invite him to the comic book store. Owen says he doesn't want to go, and Victor pulls the "Who are you and what have you done with Owen?" joke. Owen says he's going outside. Victor asks why Owen has been avoiding him. Owen says, "You're a faggot." Ouch! Victor swallows hard and then says, "What?" Owen says, "Hughley said you're a..." and Victor interrupts him to ask him not to say that word again. Victor says he's not yelling at him, and asks if Owen knows what the word means. Owen says no, but he knows it's something bad, because Hughley told him. Victor asks what else Hughley said. Owen says that Hughley told him Victor will "make [him] one too." Victor says he thought Bailey was supposed to talk to Owen to explain. Owen says, "Explain what?" Victor sighs, and then says that "every single person in the world is different." For example, some people like DC Comics and some people like Marvel Comics. Owen jumps in, "I like both!" Victor says that some people do like both, and that people like different things, and "it's not good or bad. It's just what it is." Okay, I know that this speech is not Victor's job, and he was supposedly coming up with it on the spur of the moment, but was that really the best the writers could do? That was the lamest explanation ever. I think the writers should be forced to read Heather Has Two Mommies a hundred times and then try this scene again.

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