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Bad Behavior

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Bad Behavior

Charlie says that Kirsten is supposed to be at the expo, and Daphne spots her running toward them. Kirsten arrives and says that she's late and that she must have missed it. Daphne says it was a huge success and that Charlie is a "big hoo-ha now." Charlie laughs and walks away, and Kirsten follows him saying she kept trying to get away but she was busy with her project. Charlie says he knows all about her project because he was "at her thing." Kirsten points out that he was taking calls all night. Charlie says that was because he should've been at the expo, but that he knew how important the party was to her, so he found a way to do both. His day went well, and he wanted to share that with her. So they can't go out to dinner afterwards to celebrate? These two need to call me when they've got some real problems, because this one is not cutting it. Anyway, Kirsten says that they are both busy, and Charlie says someone needs to make some concessions and Kirsten asks if he is volunteering and then they stare at each other.

Adam chases after Julia to ask who "Aaron Martin" is. Apparently, that's who she wrote about in her character study, and he's mad that she stole his life and didn't even bother to change the initials. Julia says she changed all kinds of stuff, and starts throwing up examples. Adam says that it doesn't matter because she wrote about his going to school without paying tuition. Julia doesn't see the big deal because only one professor will see it. Adam says that it only takes one professor to notice the "nine hundred similarities" and walks away. Julia runs after him and asks what happened. Adam says that the professor checked up on him and reported him to the President, and now he's done with school.

Victor is cleaning the kitchen when Bailey arrives home and thanks him for staying late. Victor asks whether Bailey got a chance to talk with Owen. Bailey says that he will. Victor says he hopes so, because "Owen was afraid [Victor] was trying to turn him into a faggot" and then says that those are Owen's words, or actually Hughley's words. Bailey apologizes. Victor says that Owen didn't even know what the word meant, but knew that he didn't want to be one. Bailey asks what Victor told Owen, and Victor says that he told Owen the truth and that he seems okay with it. But Victor wasn't supposed to have that conversation in the first place. Then I high-five Victor because he says, "I'm not his parent, Bailey." Thank you, someone, for finally noticing. Victor goes on to say that if he is just there to make it easier for Bailey not to be there, then Victor should leave. He adds that he cares about Owen, and that Owen cares about him, but that Owen needs Bailey. Woo hoo! Victor is my boyfriend.

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Party of Five




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