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Bad Behavior

Julia catches up with Adam again, and tells him he might be able to stay. Adam says that isn't true according to the President. Julia says she knows someone on the board (Evan?), and got him to read Adam's stuff, and that he said if Adam fills out an application, they might have a spot for him. Adam says he can't spell. I have to say, that it possibly the lamest excuse to not apply to college I have ever heard. Half the people I know can't spell. It's called a dictionary. Buy one. Julia says that she will proof his essays for him, so he'll just have to get his high school transcript. Adam says he never finished high school, and that's why his grammar and spelling are so terrible. I know a lot of people who did finish high school, and college, and even did post-graduate work, and they can't spell and have poor grammar, but I guess if you're going to be a writer, that might be kind of important. Julia says he can do it anyway, but he asks her to leave him alone.

Owen sees Bailey playing basketball out back, and wonders where Victor is. Bailey says he, and not Victor, is going to practice with Owen, which makes Owen happy. Before they start playing, Bailey apologizes for not being around, but that he's been dealing with a lot of stuff since Sarah left, and it's been distracting. Owen says, "Stuff? What stuff?" Bailey says it's nothing, but that he wants Owen to know that Owen is important to him, even if he does lock him in the basement for weeks at a time. Owen seems okay with that, and takes the ball. Then they shoot hoops, except the hoop is like twenty feet in the air. You know when they play MTV Rock and Jock Basketball, and they have the special hoop that is worth fifty points, and Dan Cortese always tries and fails to make a basket in there? That's how high this hoop was.

Todd shows up at an outdoor café with Claudia. Claudia thanks him for coming and then they both say, "About the other night..." at the same time. Todd goes first, and says that he can't keep doing this because he's going to mess up eventually. Claudia looks confused, so Todd tells her that his little sister dresses him, and that he's not as cool as he's been pretending to be. He says that between "work and school and extracurrics," he's never had time to have a girlfriend. Seriously, "extracurrics" is not a word. Just because they've used it twice this season doesn't make it so. This is another example of made-up stuff the writers throw in there to reward me for watching the show until the final segment, I think. Anyway, Todd figures she could tell he was a geek by his "ultra-lame kiss," but he saw her and thought he might have a second chance with her, and he didn't want to blow it by being himself. Claudia looks happy to hear that he isn't as far ahead of her as she thought, and tells him that she wanted to know if he could get her into that film score gig because "band geeks have to stick together."

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