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Bye, Bye, Love

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Bye, Bye, Love

Charlie is teaching shop in a dungeon. It's really dark. You'd think they would want better lighting so no one cuts off their hand or something. Anyway, this girl named Myra (portrayed by that girl from Can't Hardly Wait -- do you think Jennifer Love Hewitt got her the job?) hands Charlie a board with a bunch of nails in it and says her project's done -- it's a bed of nails. Charlie chases after her and says that he pulled her transcript and she's got all F's except for the D+ in shop. If she fails this project, he'll have to give her an F too. The unfortunately named Myra gets the last word by saying, "The last thing I need is advice from the guy who grew up to be the shop teacher." Ooh, burn! Charlie just stands there and looks stunned.

Julia and Claudia are washing dishes while Bailey helps Owen with his homework. Julia asks Claudia if she remembers a time when they were making cookies with their mother, and they were fighting over the leftover dough, and they dropped the bowl and it shattered all over the floor. Claudia says she does and that their dad...and Julia finishes for her, "Went ballistic." Claudia asks why Julia thought of that incident and Julia doesn't answer. Instead, she says, "Remember how Mom made us run up to him and say we were sorry and kiss him and hug him and it worked." Claudia says that was smart on their mom's part and Julia says maybe it wasn't smart because their dad's temper never got better and their mom never told him to stop being angry. Bailey has come up to them by now, and asks what Julia is doing, because Owen is listening to everything she says. Bailey thinks Julia is making it out like their parents fought all the time and that their mom never backed the kids up. Julia tries to deny it, but Bailey says that if she's trashing their parents for her book, she should leave her siblings out of it. He asks Claudia if she wants to hear it, and Claudia says, "Not really." Bailey says Owen doesn't want to hear it and he doesn't want to hear it, and then tells Owen to go upstairs to finish his homework. Julia dries the dishes some more.

Sarah is at Mindy's house. Mindy was the victim of a bad perm. Mindy was the bus driver from the end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Mindy says that Sarah's mom was a real free spirit, and that she had guys lined up around the block. Sarah says, "There were a lot of guys?" and Mindy says, "She's not..." but Sarah interrupts before she can say "a slut" and says she wants to know how her mom really was, good and bad. Mindy says her mom was a good actress, and she sent Mindy a playbill, which she pulls out. Sarah's mom played Roxanne in Cyrano de Bergerac. The guy opposite her, William Lanford, was wonderful, and they were wonderful together. Sarah looks at the playbill, and discovers that her mother signed it. It reads, "Mindy -- It feels like everything in my life is about to change." Sarah asks Mindy what that means. Mindy says she lost touch with Sarah's mom after that, so she doesn't know. It was twenty years ago, so maybe she meant Sarah.

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