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Bye, Bye, Love

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Bye, Bye, Love

Kirsten is looking in a room and watching Daphne shake some guy's hand. Daphne comes out and tells Kirsten is was a joke and asks what she'll do now. Kirsten is all prepared for Daphne to say she didn't get the job, but then Daphne says she's supposed to start today. Kirsten asks if he even cared about her "utter lack of experience" and instead of getting offended, Daphne says she lied. Kirsten can't even fathom this, and keeps repeating "You lied?" Daphne says the only things she knows how to do are make long-distance phone calls and steal office supplies. Hey, those are useful skills in the modern workplace! Kirsten says, "You lied?" Daphne says, "Honey, we covered that. Now what do we actually do here?" Kirsten looks shell-shocked.

In the gym, Claudia "Sherlock Holmes" Salinger talks to "Virtual Eyes" Cameron. Claudia basically accuses him of being the website's author, and Cameron pretends he doesn't understand what she's talking about. Claudia wonders why he would hurt his friends. She says, "You're trashing your friends because they'll do anything to feel better about themselves, but that's what you're doing." Cameron walks away some more. Claudia stares after him some more. They are so going to hook up. I give it two more episodes, tops.

Julia is in the library and the mean girl from her writing class comes up to her and says her name is Isabelle. Isabelle apologizes for being such a bitch in class, and says that she was just bitter because Julia has a publishing contract and she doesn't. Then she says that everyone in the class hates Julia, and Julia looks sad, and maybe talking will help. Instead of saying, "Everyone in the class hates me?" Julia starts spilling everything about how Evan is pushing her to blame her parents, but her siblings ask how she can do that, and she feels the same way. But then again, her parents must have had some impact on how her life turned out. Isabelle agrees, and asks Julia is she wants to get some coffee. Aw, I'm glad Julia finally made a friend.

Charlie approaches Myra by her locker and hands her plans for a guillotine, saying he thought it would be an appropriate project. Myra says he doesn't know her well enough to care about her and she's not in the mood to be some teacher's good deed for the day. Charlie asks what the problem is -- is she bored, because he's bored too. Myra says, "Oh, the 'I'm just another outsider like you' trick? Be careful, you might have to pierce your tongue to prove yourself." Okay, no teenager really talks like this. If this were Dawson's Creek, I might let it slide since none of their dialogue is realistic. But, come on. Charlie follows after her and says that the secret of high school is to make it terrible so that kids work really hard to get out, because if they don't leave, they end up like him -- the shop teacher. He asks Myra if she wants that, and hands her the project again.

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