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Bye, Bye, Love

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Bye, Bye, Love

Myra is in wood shop and asks Charlie how heavy the blade on her guillotine should be. Charlie says it should be heavy enough to cut the tips off her old man's cigars. Huh? Myra reveals that she doesn't have an old man. Charlie says, "Just you and your mom, then?" Instead of telling him to just come out and ask her about her family situation instead of clumsily prying, she replies that it's mostly just her. She asks Charlie to show her how to use the saw, and he does.

Claudia sits down at the lunch table and says that she's learned that "the Ivies" won't even consider them as potential students unless they know three synonyms for a word like Iscariot. Alexa rattles off all three, including "traitor" and looks pointedly at Claude, who is confused. Lex accuses Claudia of being behind the website. Claudia says it wasn't her, and Lex asks who it was then. Claudia looks real hard at Cameron and then says she has no idea and leaves the table.

Daphne walks into Kirsten's room at work. Kirsten asks if she's leaving for the day and Daphne says kind of -- she quit. Kirsten pulls her into the hallway and Daphne says she just can't do the job. Kirsten says that even she doubted it at first, but that Daphne is doing great. Daphne says that she hates it, and that she can't do the same thing every day, and that she can't be like....Kirsten finishes for her, "Like me?" I'm about to throw Daphne a big pity party, but Kirsten does it for me. She says that this is how the world works, and that you don't do what you want, you do what you have to do. Daphne says it doesn't have to be that way. Kirsten asks if Daphne thinks she wants to do this job forever. She's just doing it to get to where she wants to be. Once Daphne figures out what she does want to do, she might not get the job if she has all these gaps in her resume. I was going to make some snarky remarks about Daphne's unrealistic expectation, but Kirsten kind of covered it there, didn't she? And she was a lot nicer about it than I would've been.

Julia is sitting at a caf é and Isabelle comes up to her. Julia says she's looking for an apartment because she can't live at home anymore. Isabelle is wearing two braids and then these two little tendrils hanging in her face, and it's really unattractive, not to mention distracting. Julia says that Evan keeps pushing her, and telling her what to think. Isabelle says that it's no wonder that Evan is frosty since "his wife offed herself." Julia doesn't understand -- really, how many different meanings does "offed herself" have?

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