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Bye, Bye, Love

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Bye, Bye, Love

Sarah is looking up hotels on her laptop, and asks Bailey if she should stay somewhere nice. Bailey makes a snotty remark about it being her trip. Sarah says that it's only for five days. Ha ha! Little does she know! Bailey asks her what comes next, after she gets back, because he isn't sure that this guy will be able to answer her questions. Bailey thinks that this trip is really about her wanting to get away from their relationship and the problems they've been having. Bailey says if Sarah can tell him it's not about that, he'll stop bugging her about it. She doesn't say anything, and he walks out.

Julia is sitting in Evan's office again and it's really dark. Really dark. Even darker than Charlie's shop room/dungeon. Maybe he has a migraine. Anyway, Evan reads her writing and then asks her what happened to her taking a harder look at her mother. Julia says she decided that the book should be about her, Julia, not her mother. Evan says that her mother is gone, and that Julia doesn't have to judge her, but she should try to be honest in her portrayal, and in what effect her mother has had on her life. Julia says maybe Evan should tell her what to say since it's obviously personal for him, since he went through losing someone too and now he wants to blame someone for it. Evan says she's talking about his wife and that Julia knows nothing about that. Julia says that he's right, she doesn't, and she would never presume to tell him how to feel. She has a point there. Except that she did ask him for help. Evan says this whole thing was uncalled for, and tells her the meeting is over.

Claudia is in school when Lex and Cameron come up to her. They read a blurb from the website about Claudia -- it basically says that she's poor and a social climber. ["She's poor?" -- Wing Chun] Lex takes this as proof that Claudia isn't the author, and says she's sorry. Claudia says, "Why? You didn't write it," and stares daggers at Cameron. Did it never occur to these people that the author, once suspected, would clearly post something about him or herself to throw off suspicion? Obviously it occurred to Cameron, because there's a blurb about him on the website too. It says that Cameron has everything handed to him, and he still doesn't feel good about it, so maybe he should give it all back if that'll make him feel better. Claudia finishes reading it aloud and says, "Ouch. Nailed you, huh?" and Cameron says, "I thought it was pretty kind," and they look at each other some more. Come on, wouldn't Lex notice all the pointed stares between these two? It's so freaking obvious!

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