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Bye, Bye, Love

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Bye, Bye, Love

Bailey is at the table, paying bills and Sarah comes in and asks him what he's doing. Duh, he's paying bills! What is wrong with these people? Sarah hugs Bailey and tells him that she needs to feel spontaneous, and feel like she's twenty for a few days, because she's too settled down. Bailey asks if that's what this trip if really about. Sarah says that everything about the trip is foolish, but that's kind of the point. Then she makes a really dumb analogy about her passport being in New York, and she has to go get it and bring it back so that she can go anywhere with Bailey.

Julia spots Evan outside her college. She says that she was out of line, but she's not comfortable blaming her parents. Evan says he tries to make sense of his wife's suicide, and sometimes he blames her, but how can he not forgive her? And he misses her. He tells Julia not to be afraid of looking at the ways her parents let her down, and that it's not blaming them, but it's trying to understand. He says that she can be disappointed in them and still love them, just like when they were here. I guess he understands her parents so well since he's about their age.

Charlie is getting ready to leave his dungeon-esque shop room when Myra comes in. She starts to leave because he was about to go too, but he tells her it's okay. She asks him if he knows anything about "sine, cosine, and what's the other one?" Charlie says, "Tangent," and she says, "That's the guy." Charlie says he'll take a look. As they sit down, she asks if he knows French too, because she needs help in that. I kinda like ol' Myra. ["I was discussing this episode with my mom the other night, and she says she thinks that Myra is going to turn out to be 'ill,' and that she'll develop an attachment to Charlie and make sexual advances, and he'll rebuff her, and then she'll accuse him of sexual abuse and he'll get suspended. Just a theory from Wing Mom, but she's usually pretty good at calling this stuff." -- Wing Chun]

Julia is packing her things to move out when Sarah comes into her room. Julia says she's going to stay with Isabelle until she finds a place. She could go live in the shed with Griffin! Sarah asks if Bailey knows that she's leaving, and Julia says he will be happy to see her gone. Sarah says that Bailey works harder than anyone to keep the family together. Actually, I would argue that Claudia works pretty hard at it too. But I digress. Julia says that her book makes Bailey mad. Sarah says that Bailey cares so much because he needs stuff around him that doesn't change. That's why he lives in the Salinger house, that's why he proposed to her, and that's why Julia should stay. Like last week, I am struck by how every scene ends with a Salinger looking thoughtful, or angry, or confused. This one is Julia looking thoughtful, with maybe a little confusion thrown in.

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Party of Five




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