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Dog Day After New Year

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Dog Day After New Year

The whole family (minus Daphne, who apparently isn't part of the family anyway) is standing in a park. Bailey says that this park was Thurber's "favorite place in the whole world" and asks if anyone wants to say anything. I like how they're pretending that any one of them ever took Thurber outside. Julia says that there's a nice view. Owen says that it's sad and he wishes Thurber was there. Bailey says, "Who says he's not?" Owen points out that Bailey is holding his ashes. Oh, the things that kids say! Then they all start talking about the different parts of the park that Thurber would love to be in, but it's really stupid so I'm not going to transcribe it. Owen suggests spreading his ashes everywhere. Then they all take a handful of doggy ashes. Call me squeamish, but that's a little gross. They each start spreading ashes around, and Claudia walks over to a tree where she pours out the ashes and cries.

Charlie goes to see Gus in his office. Gus hopes that Charlie wasn't serious about giving up his job, and admits that he shouldn't have spent so much money on the party. Charlie asks about the new designs, and explains that he needs his work to be about the future. Gus asks if Charlie can lay out the costs on paper, and they will try to make the new designs. Then there is a really pointless and long shot of the two men shaking hands, like "It's a deal!"

Holly shows up with flowers for Bailey and says she's sorry about his dog. Bailey says that he's sorry about the bouquet incident. He pulls one flower out of the bouquet and asks Holly, "How about one at a time?" like that's supposed to mean something and he can't just say, "I just ended a long-term relationship and I'd like to take it slow" but instead has to employ some sort of mixed flower metaphor. Holly is with me on this one, and asks what it means. Bailey says he wants to be with her, and not know what the future is, and they kiss. Holly says she'll see him "whenever," and looks really sad, and leaves. What was that about? I feel so unresolved. Nah, actually I don't really care.

The whole family (again, minus Daphne, the non-family member) eats pizza in the living room, and argue about who had the worst New Year's Eve. Julia says she and Griffin were stuck in a cab. Kirsten says that at least they got to see fireworks. Dude, you got free shrimp! What are you complaining about! Claudia raises her hand and says, "Excuse me! Animal hospital watching my pet be put down." They agree that Claudia wins, but no one mentions that Bailey and Owen were there too. Claudia is depressed that they missed "the biggest moment ever." Julia reminds Claudia that she had been planning to miss it, but Claudia says she was kidding herself. Julia says that the world shouldn't decide her moment - she should. Get it? Because the editor told her she missed her moment? Oh, this show is so subtle. Claudia says, "Y2K -- not a Salinger holiday," as if the whole year is a holiday. Suddenly, Charlie starts counting down and everyone joins in (even Claudia), and it's the stupidest ending ever!

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