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Dog Day After New Year

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Dog Day After New Year

Julia exits an office building where Griffin is waiting for her. Julia's hair is growing out a little bit and it's looking somewhat better, but still not great. Julia says that she missed the editor by twenty minutes. Griffin suggests they try to find her, but Julia doesn't see how they can. Griffin reveals that he made a friend while smoking, who told him that "Elaine" (Julia's editor) won't make any decisions without consulting a tarot card reader first. Sounds like a reasonable way to make business decisions.["I once worked for an editor who not only made book decisions based on tarot readings, but also did readings for others. True story. -- Wing Chun] Anyway, this smoker overheard Elaine making an appointment for a reading the next day on Union Street. Griffin suggests that Julia arrange to bump into Elaine, since if she's so superstitious maybe she will see it as a sign that she should publish Julia's book. Griffin wants to come with her, since he doesn't have anything better to do. If they are going to continue to pay Jeremy London to be on this show, I wish they would come up with a better storyline than "Griffin follows Julia around some more."

Bailey and Holly are at a counter in a store, picking out the gift wrap for their wedding gift. The woman behind the counter gives them like ten choices for each step. There are ten kinds of wrapping paper, ten kinds of ribbons, etc. Holly picks up a card, and wonders if she should sign it from both of them. They ask the gift wrap lady what she thinks. The gift wrap lady lists off some possible categories their relationship could be in, like "Seeing each other, dating, exclusive, pre-engaged, engaged, married." Bailey and Holly stammer that they haven't really labeled their relationship yet. The gift wrap lady leaves to let them discuss their status. How messed up is it that they are having this conversation with the gift wrap lady? Anyway, Holly asks in a very convoluted way whether they should be exclusive. Bailey hems and haws and takes off his coat because it's really hot in there. He never does answer the question, but he does agree to sign the card as a couple, whatever that means.

Charlie is showing his furniture designs to Gus, his boss at the furniture factory. Charlie says he already lined up some potential customers for these chairs he designed, but that they need to see a prototype before placing an order. Gus says that Charlie will sell a lot of those chairs, and that he needs the right person to make them. Charlie asks Gus, "What about you?" Gus laughs and says that Charlie reminds him of himself, but doesn't answer the question. Charlie tries to persuade Gus to make the chairs. Gus reveals that he can't afford to start a new product line, and that in fact the business is on the verge of going under, so he's not able to help Charlie, even though the designs are good. Maybe it's time for Charlie to go back to teaching, a career he seems to have abandoned mid-school year.

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