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Dog Day After New Year

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Dog Day After New Year

Back at the wedding, it's time for the bouquet toss. I would like to add that this is the most hated part of the wedding reception for me. At one friend's wedding, I literally hid under the table to avoid it. At another's, I tried to hide in the bathroom, but the bride got on the microphone and paged me to the dance floor, which was even more humiliating, since everyone saw me run out of the ladies' room to shut her up. But I digress. All the women gather and the bride tosses the bouquet, and we switch to slow motion, so you know something awful is going to happen. Holly is right in the front row and she barely puts her hands up, so you know she really doesn't want to be the one to catch the bouquet. The flowers go sailing over everyone's head and right into Bailey's hands. Everyone turns and stares at him. He looks at Holly. The DJ says something. Obviously, the classy thing to do would be to either hand them to Holly, or hand them back to the bride and suggest she try again. Instead, he just hucks them and the flowers skid to a halt on the empty dance floor, as the music stops and everyone stares. Holly looks upset and leaves.

Owen, Diana and Claudia are at the vet. What vet is open for non-emergency appointments on New Year's Eve? Anyway, the vet comes out and says that Thurber has contracted emphysema from living in the basement for so many years, and that he shows signs of neglect. Actually, the vet says that Thurber is very sick and that they have to make some difficult decisions, so Claudia should call her family. How wrong is it that Claudia is left to take care of two children and the dog all by herself, when she barely has her drivers' license?

Holly is sitting in the kitchen of the reception hall, and Bailey approaches her while eating a piece of cake. He makes a comment about how amazing it is that her cousin baked the cake in two hours. Holly gets up and leaves, obviously upset. Bailey goes after her. Holly reveals that she's mad about the bouquet thing. Bailey feels like throwing the bouquet to Holly would have been like setting a wedding date to her family. Holly objects and Bailey says that it doesn't matter because they all think it anyway. Holly says her family is just happy that she "found someone nice." Bailey objects that the words "found someone" sound so final. Instead of calling him a loser and walking away, Holly says that they are just words and what matters is their relationship and how they feel, and she "thought they felt really good." There's a double entendre there, but I'm not going to pursue it. Just then, Bailey's phone rings and it's Claudia telling him about Thurber. Bailey tells Holly that his dog is sick, but since he's never mentioned a dog before, and she's never seen a dog at their house, she doesn't believe him. Obviously, her tour of the house didn't include the basement. Bailey tells her he has to go, and Holly tells him to just leave.

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