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Dog Day After New Year

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Dog Day After New Year

At the dinner table, Kirsten is talking about her work to Luke, and how it's about "little girls." Daphne says, "Speaking of little girls," and I think she's going to say that she's going to call and check on her daughter, but instead she says she's going to the little girls' room. So much for motherhood. After Daphne leaves, Luke starts to talk to Charlie and Kirsten about his intentions, since where he comes from, a man is supposed to sit down with his girlfriend's family and discuss intentions. Kirsten and Charlie protest that they are not Daphne's family. How mean is that? Of course they are! They are really two of the most self-absorbed characters on television. Charlie says that they are not in a position to give their blessing to the relationship. Kirsten asks what Luke would do if they didn't give their blessing. Luke, who is clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer, says he doesn't know. Kirsten then gives this lengthy speech about how Luke would stay with Daphne, and try to change her family's mind, or find some other way. I guess she was supposed to be talking to Charlie about his work situation, but it came off like she's really bossy. Like, who is she to tell Luke how to treat Daphne? She just got through saying how she's not Daphne's family.

The vet tells Bailey and Claudia that Thurber's kidneys are failing. Bailey asks if there's anything they can do. The vet says they could try dialysis, but that they would only be postponing the inevitable, and there is little chance for recovery. I would like to point out that my cat had the beginnings of kidney failure, but because I take her to the vet more than once per decade, we caught it in the early stages and she has responded well to treatment. I'm just saying. Bailey asks if they can wait to make a decision, but Claudia says they know what they have to do. Bailey says that he wants to get a hold of Charlie and Julia first. The vet says they can wait, but that Thurber is in a lot of pain. Claudia says she can't even look at her dog, because he is hurting so much, and that if they went with the dialysis it would be for them, not Thurber. Why is Claude the wisest person on the show? ["Maybe she just realized that after obliging her family to pay for Griffin's surgery, she overstepped her bounds, and doesn't want to make the same mistake again." -- Wing Chun] Anyway, Bailey continues to call his siblings without luck. Then he bends down and talks to Thurber, and I will admit that I teared up a little, but just because I love animals. Bailey asks the vet if they should "put him down." The vet says, "Duh! What do you think we've been talking about here. Why am I wasting my millennial New Year's Eve with you idiots? If you had paid even the slightest bit of attention to this dog, maybe something could have been done. I should do the world a favor and put YOU down." Actually, the vet just nodded, but I have a rich fantasy life.

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