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Faith, Hope & Charity

Julia is walking down the street and Brian (Evan's son) catches up to her. He came back from school to apologize for the kiss, and he realizes it was inappropriate. Julia says they should just forget about it. Brian says he doesn't want to wreck "whatever it is you and my dad have going." Julia smiles weakly. Of course, that's how she always smiles because Neve Campbell is such a stoneface.

Bailey and Charlie walk into the basement, where we see Owen chained to the wall, Diana crying in her bassinet, and Thurber dying of starvation. Well, not really, but we should have. Instead, Bailey is clearing stuff out so that we can have a plot point about Charlie realizing he has forgotten about his dreams of being a furniture designer. ["Again." -- Wing Chun] But Bailey says he's clearing space for a bed for Will. It's all the same. Charlie is talking about how Bailey is juggling two women, but Bailey doesn't want to talk about it. He says when they come begging, there's no "thrill of pursuit." Isn't this the same guy who was all Mr. Low Self-Esteem after getting dumped a few weeks ago? The doorbell rings and Bailey goes to answer it, while Charlie yells after him that he wants details. Dude, get a life.

Bailey answers the door and it's a woman named Holly. She has an English accent and a very tight shirt. She walks right in and asks if John is almost ready. Bailey tells her that there's no John living there. Then there's a part where he figures out she's supposed to be across the street, but she couldn't read the address because of her own bad handwriting. And later, we find out she's a medical student. Get it? Doctors have bad handwriting! As Holly prepares to go to the correct address, she asks Bailey if she looks okay, like that's not a weird thing to ask a total stranger. Bailey tells her she looks "very presentable" as if she's going for a job interview instead of a date. After she leaves, he stands there with the googly eyes for a minute, so we know he's in love.

Suddenly, Bailey chases Holly across the street and tells her that they were fated to meet. Holly says she's "not into fate." Bailey ignores her and asks her out, but Holly turns him down because she doesn't even know him. He introduces himself, by telling her his name, age, occupation and interests. He leaves out that he's a recovering alcoholic and that his family is cursed, but I guess that's more second-date material. She tells him to go away. By now they are standing on the steps leading to Holly's date's house. Bailey says he can't take no for an answer because "fate has spoken so clearly." Holly tells him he's out of his mind. See, Bailey was just talking about the thrill of pursuit, and here it is. Wasn't that clever foreshadowing? Bailey gives her his card (which he just happens to have, even though he ran out of his house willy nilly, having just come from cleaning the basement) and tells her to call him. Then the door opens and some guy tells Holly that John is on the phone, and asks who Bailey is. I think that was supposed to be funny.

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