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Everyone is in the kitchen. Griffin walks in and he and Daphne smile at each other furtively. Bailey comes in and actually pays attention to Owen for once, and Owen says he's drawing a picture for Charlie's birthday party. Or of Charlie's birthday party. It doesn't matter. They just had to mention the party so that Bailey could invite Victor. Then he invites Daphne and Griffin as a unit, saying "you guys." Daphne gets all defensive about it, as if that's not a dead giveaway. Claudia also says something about the two of them and Daphne blames Victor for spilling the beans. Victor says that Daphne has "stopped by every day to borrow sugar" and so everyone figured it out and he just didn't deny it. Bailey says it's no big deal, as long as they're happy. Daphne licks her lips and drinks her coffee. I think she was trying to show that all is not well in their relationship, but I'm only saying that in light of later events.

Julia is looking at some papers and says that they are terrible. I thought she was looking at pictures of herself for her book's back cover, but it turns out they are editorial comments on her book. Evan tells her that it's standard for them to be so harsh. I think if she plans on publishing a book, she needs to develop a thicker skin because critics can be merciless. Julia reads one aloud: "Author's verbiage suggests material may be better suited for a teen magazine column." Ha ha! ["That's what I said when she read that, too!" -- Wing Chun] Evan tells her that responding to these criticisms will only make her book better. Julia wishes she hadn't read them. Evan says that he would rather have her read them, than hear them filtered through him. In other words, he doesn't have the heart to tell her that her book sucks. Or, he's afraid she won't give up the goods anymore if he's honest. Julia starts crying and says that if he's going to slip her the memos on the sly, he could at least show some sympathy. How wrong is it that Evan is showing her the memos on the sly? Weren't they worried like two weeks ago that everyone would think she was only getting published because they were sleeping together? And yet, violating some sort of policy is okay, apparently. Anyway, Julia tells Evan what he should say to her, and that she would like to hear it from him sometimes. Evan tells her he believes in her, but somehow it's not the same since she just told him what to say.

Julia is sitting at Evan's table writing and Brian enters. He asks her if she's studying (does she still go to class?) and she tells him about the criticisms. Brian observes that they must be pretty harsh and asks to read them. He picks one up and says, "Idiot!" and starts laughing. Julia tells him that since he hasn't read her book, the criticisms could be valid for all he knows. Brian tells her he's laughing because the guy spelled "ineffectual" with an A. For some reason, Brian suddenly has a southern accent. He picks up another paper and makes a joke about the editor having the initials "P.U." Julia laughs at that lame joke and then asks how she is supposed to stay depressed. Except Neve Campbell says the line really, really fast like she couldn't wait to get out of this scene. Brian says the editors are just jealous because she's young and smart Obviously, he wanted to say beautiful or something, because everyone falls in love with Julia. Also, that southern accent came back about halfway through that sentence. Julia gets uncomfortable (and I know this because Neve Campbell swallowed a couple of times) so she goes to bed. ["How much do I hate the 'critics must be jealous' explanation? A LOT." -- Wing Chun]

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Party of Five




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