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Faith, Hope & Charity

Bailey and Holly are having a date at a carnival. Bailey is carrying a stuffed bumblebee, and he asks Holly about her first kiss. She says it was with Theresa Harrison. Bailey is intrigued that it was a woman, but Holly says she was just practicing to kiss some guy. Bailey orders some cotton candy. Usually doesn't the girl carry the stuffed animal after the guy wins it for her? The writers must have thought the same thing, because they have Holly ask Bailey if a woman has ever won a stuffed animal for him before, and he admits that this is the first time. Bailey says, "I like you," and asks if she noticed that his "suave, charming levels are way up." If a date said that to me, I would probably run away. Or laugh in his face. Or both. Holly says he gets "serious points off for having to point that out." Holly says she likes him too, but not as much as he likes her, and that's why he's interested. Has anyone ever had a first date where you actually discuss how much and to what degree you like one another? Maybe I've just lived a sheltered life, but this seems like a strange first date conversation. Holly says she knows Bailey's type and lists off a bunch of qualities, but all you really need to know is that she's independent, driven, likes to take charge and kind of a rebel. It's nice of the writers to just tell us what she's like instead of investing time in actual character development. Holly says she doesn't just know Bailey's type -- she is Bailey's type. Funny, none of those characteristics really apply to Sarah, do they?

Julia is taking out the trash, and she spots Griffin working on a bike. She mentions that he's been around a lot lately, and he says that business is good. Julia notes that Daphne's there a lot too. Griffin starts to explain, but Julia says she thinks it's cool, but at first she was a little jealous. Griffin tells her there's nothing to be jealous of because he and Daphne aren't together like that. Griffin thinks Daphne is fun, but he can't see himself with her. Julia points out that she and Griffin were an unlikely couple. Yeah, and they had a really successful marriage, didn't they? Griffin says that they were a terrible match but Julia was always surprising him. Daphne is too much like him. Julia asks if he's told Daphne about this, and says he should let her know. Griffin sighs and wipes his hands on a rag.

Owen and Charlie are in the basement, cleaning up. Owen asks Charlie if he wants some rolled-up papers and Charlie says they are designs from his furniture business. Charlie finds a model house in a box and lifts it out. Owen asks if it's a doll house, and Charlie says it's a model he made for school. This whole scene was kind of pointless, because they could have just had Charlie come across this stuff while he was down there with Bailey. I guess they wanted to give Owen a line or two.

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