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Faith, Hope & Charity

Claudia tells Alexa that she is quitting the homecoming committee. Alexa protests. Claudia asks how Alexa can joke around with Derek after what he did. Alexa says that he was a jerk, but it was a while ago. Claudia kind of snaps and says that Derek was more than a jerk. Alexa asks her if that's her position now, because Claudia let the issue slide and it's not fair of her to ask them to punish Derek for her. Boy, Alexa is a really supportive friend, isn't she? Claudia purses her lips.

Julia comes into Evan's home with a grocery bag and yells that she brought food. I'm wondering where she got the money to buy said food, since she doesn't have a job or any visible means of income. Brian is there, and tells her he's going back to Santa Cruz. Julia asks why he's leaving so suddenly. Brian says that their kiss meant more to him. Julia says everything is okay, and that they're friends. Brian says he's fighting it, but he's a guy waiting for an opportunity and it's not right so he has to leave before he kisses her again. He walks out and Julia sees Evan standing on the landing. She asks how much he heard and he says, "Enough," and walks back up the stairs. I love Kyle Secor, but he did look really grandfatherly in this scene.

Bailey and Holly are eating at Salinger's. Bailey gives her the hard sell to try to get another date. Holly argues the advantages of only having one perfect date and then going your separate ways. Otherwise, you always end up disappointing each other because of the skeletons in your closet. Bailey says that he has problems that he's overcome, and that he ended a long-term relationship in the fall. That was three weeks ago, but he doesn't mention that part. Joe interrupts them because there is a guy to see Bailey. Hey, it's Tracy's husband! And he knows about the affair! And he has a really cheesy mustache and bad hair! He decks Bailey, who nearly falls into the fireplace.

At the Homecoming Dance, Cameron and Alexa are King and Queen. They get their picture taken and then invite their court up for more pictures. The court consists of all their friends. Claudia stands there watching, and Myra sidles up to her. Why would Myra be at the Homecoming Dance? I never saw her as the school spirit type. Anyway, Myra says that although Claudia probably hates her, Myra talked to Charlie and he's cool with everything. Also, she has a bottle of liquor in her coat, and she takes a swig. Everyone calls Claudia up on stage with them, and Claudia asks Myra if she has enough liquor to go around, and they leave.

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Party of Five




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