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Faith, Hope & Charity

Holly is wearing scrubs and walking to her car. There are flowers on her windshield, and Bailey stalks up out of nowhere, like that's not scary behavior for someone you've only dated once. Bailey tries to explain what happened, but Holly says he's not right for her and they should just walk away. Bailey says that after ending things with Sarah, he needed a pointless relationship to get her out of his head. Holly says that he's probably an okay guy, but he's a kid. She doesn't want "a boyfriend who's learning all his life lessons on my time." Then she gets in her car and leaves.

Julia is packing things up in Evan's den. Evan comes in and asks if she's leaving. Julia apologizes because she knows he rented movies, but she's got a lot of work to do. Evan says that he understands. Julia says it's never a problem with him, and that no one is that understanding. She says that she has to force him to feel any emotion. Evan says that he's not unfeeling, and Julia says that she has to force him to express his emotions. Knowing that Brian kissed her must make him feel something. Evan says that it bothers him, and asks if he should start yelling and screaming. Julia says she wants more of him than he gives to his editors or a bank teller. She continues, "So, I get to see you naked. Great. But anything deeper than that is off-limits?" Then she tells him that it can't work. You would think that someone who just got out of a relationship where her boyfriend expressed his emotions with his fists would appreciate a little restraint. I'm just sayin'.

Claudia comes back to the Homecoming Dance all drunk. Her friends notice her inebriated state and Stephanie Tanner asks if she saved any for them. Claudia says it's all gone, so Derek says he will go get a bottle from his locker. Are there chaperones at this dance? Anyway, Claudia yells that Derek is "one dangerous guy when he drinks." Alexa tries to drag Claudia to the bathroom, but Claudia says that she's been drinking, so that excuses everything she does since those are the rules for Derek. Cameron tries to get her out of there and she asks him if he's afraid that she'll say something about him. She finishes by saying she's tired of what she sees and stomps off. I would've have liked that scene a lot better if she had actually said something about what Derek did, or what Cameron did, instead of just alluding to it.

Griffin is waiting for Daphne outside the strip club. Griffin tries to get Daphne to talk to him, but clearly she knows what's coming so she tries to get him to take her for a ride on his motorcycle. Griffin fights the good fight, but Daphne wins out. She's going to drive, and he only has one helmet, so she gets it. They take off, and he gives her instructions. Then everything goes slow motion and there's cars swerving and Griffin yells, "Daphne, look out!" so I guess they got in an accident. It was no Todd getting hit by a bus, like on Felicity. In fact, I've seen better accidents on Cops.

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