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Faith, Hope & Charity

When they come back from commercial, there's this weird cut where Julia is in mid-sentence. Maybe that was just my local affiliate though. Everyone is at the hospital. Victor comes in and Charlie tells him that Griffin is still in surgery but Daphne's okay. They are keeping her overnight for observation. The doctor comes out and tells them that Griffin's head is okay, but there's a chance he won't regain the use of his hand. The doctor says that because he doesn't have insurance, they have to transfer him to the county hospital. The county hospital's facilities and staff aren't as good as the current hospital. You'd think they could get a volume discount since Julia was just there on Halloween. The doctor apologizes about the policy. Julia tells them to do the surgery and her family will pay. That's a bold statement coming from someone who doesn't contribute any money to the family coffers. Charlie tells her to hold on. Julia points out that Griffin's whole life is working with his hands. Okay, I have to say something here. When the doctor came out and said that Griffin could lose his hand, I almost laughed. Not that hands aren't important, but I expected it to be so much worse. My grandfather lost his hand in a farming accident, and he did just fine. In fact, I forget about it most of the time, because it certainly never affected his wage-earning potential, and he was decidedly blue-collar, like Griffin. I mean, if Griffin was paralyzed or something, it might be different. Anyway, Claudia tells them to do the surgery too, and I make the point again about it being a bold statement for someone without a job. Charlie says they need to figure out if they can pay for it, and Claudia says they'll find a way. Charlie agrees.

Bailey arrives at the hospital and runs into Holly. She accuses him of following her around, and Bailey tells her that someone he knows got in an accident and takes off.

Daphne is lying in her hospital bed, crying. Victor comes in and fills her in on Griffin's condition. Daphne starts crying some more and saying, "What have I done?" Victor gives her a hug. Where is Diana during all this? Probably the basement.

Evan shows up at the hospital and asks about Griffin. Julia says that Evan didn't have to come. Evan says that he wants to be there for her, and that what she said about his emotions is true. Brian and his wife had both pointed it out to him, and he knows he has work to do, but he hopes that Julia will bear with him. Julia says that as a result of writing her book, she has seen her pattern of getting involved with men who tell her to bear with them. She cares about Evan, and might love him, but it's too much work. That is about the worst excuse for a break-up I have ever heard. Poor Evan. I mean, lucky Evan to get away from Julia.

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