Faith, Hope & Charity

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Faith, Hope & Charity

Charlie is standing up on the roof. Kirsten brings him a muffin with a candle in it for his birthday. Charlie says that looking at Griffin reminded him of when he had cancer. He promised himself that if he lived, he wasn't going to waste time on stuff that doesn't matter. He says he's decided to quit teaching. Kirsten says that he loves teaching. Charlie says that he can make more money at the furniture factory, because what matters most to him right now is making a baby, and that costs money. Then he gives a whole speech about how he's always had to wait for things, but they always come back to him in the end. So, he's putting his trust in fate that the things he wants will come back around. I'll let him off the hook, because I think it's natural to get philosophical on your thirtieth birthday.

Bailey is getting coffee from a vending machine and Holly shows up. She apologizes for thinking he was stalking her. Bailey tells her about the accident and Holly expresses disgust at motorcycles. Bailey asks if they are "too out of control, too young." That doesn't even make sense. Bailey says that Holly has pegged him wrong, and that he's not a kid. He think that chasing after her was reckless, but she said yes, so being reckless is not always bad. Bailey is sporting a big shiner in this scene, so it's nice to see the writers didn't forget about that. They did forget about Claudia being drunk though. I know harsh news can be sobering, but come on.

Griffin is lying in the hospital bed. Julia sits next to it. He wakes up and Julia gives him some water. He looks at his hand and Julia explains about the surgery. He asks Julia if he's going to be okay. She gives him some sugar-coated answer, so he asks again. Julia tells him that he's getting the best care in the city. Griffin says, "So they don't know, do they?" I guess referring to his uninsured status.

Next week: Griffin gets mad when he finds out that the Salingers paid for his surgery. Charlie and Kirsten buy some illegal fertility drugs. Bailey and Holly take a shower together.

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