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Fear And Loathing

Julia walks up to Claudia, who is sitting outside. At least (unlike Dawson's Creek) the actors are actually bundled up and it looks like it could be January in the northeast. Julia tries to get Claudia to talk to her again and Claudia is all cold (emotionally, although probably physically as well), saying "I can't, so please stop asking me. Leave me alone." Julia says she won't leave her alone, and that Claudia has to say something. Claudia says that she wants to talk, but she can't, and starts sobbing, saying that she's confused. Julia hugs her. None of the students walking by give them a second glance, even though Claudia is blubbering.

Kirsten is in a hospital bed, and she wakes up. Charlie asks her how she feels, and mentions "Dr. Vasquez, our Latino doctor." Well, he didn't say the "Latino doctor" part, but he might as well have. I really hate these two, so I'm going to summarize even further than usual. The procedure worked, but now Kirsten is scared because she has no excuses NOT to have a baby. Charlie says that she was right the night before, and that he was using excuses to avoid the design expo. Kirsten says he needs to just do it. Charlie says, "What if I can't?" Whew. Scene over.

Holly walks down the street and Bailey the Stalker springs out of the shadows and says that he's not spying on her (even though he totally is). He came to talk. Just to tie it all into the theme, he says that he's scared of losing her, and that he's still getting over his last relationship. He wants to face his fear and be exclusive with her, because hiding from the fear doesn't fix anything. Holly says that he's not over Sarah, especially since her new series is on the brink of cancellation and she could come back at any time. Holly adds that she doesn't want to be his "rebound relationship," and that she thought that if she hung around long enough, time would take care of things. Bailey says it will. Holly says it might, eventually, but she can't take it and it's breaking her heart. Oh, for crying out loud. They have known each other for, like, a month. I don't even want to tell you the rest of this scene. They broke up. There. Holly does leave the door open for a possible return if Jennifer Love Hewitt decides not to come back.

Kirsten wakes up and sees Charlie working on some plans in bed. He tells her that he had a dream about his designs, and it showed him the way to make it work. Whatever.

Julia and Claudia are standing by the side of the road. Claudia asks Julia if it took her a while to trust people after what happened with Ned. Julia says it did. Claudia says she feels like she doesn't know anyone, and can't trust her feelings. A taxi pulls up. The two get in, and Julia asks what happened on her tour. Claudia starts to tell her as the cab pulls away.

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