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Fear And Loathing

Daphne answers the door in her apartment and it's Charlie, come to pick up Diana. Charlie apologizes for being so late, and explains that he was working on his designs. It's nearly midnight. Luke is also there, and Charlie says he didn't know Luke was staying over, like it's any of his damn business. Daphne and Luke look at each other and act all evasive, and then finally reveal that Luke has moved in. Daphne says she meant to tell Charlie, but he's been so busy that she hasn't had the chance. Doesn't she see him often, in the Diana switch? Charlie just stands there with his mouth open, because he can't believe Daphne could ever love another after having that Salinger love. That may just be my interpretation.

Julia is sleeping on a couch and someone is exercising on the floor next to her. A beeping noise wakes Julia and the exerciser sits up and says, "I'm sorry. My heart monitor is set to go off as soon as I enter the zone." I hate her already. She yells out to Justin that she's in the zone. What does she want, a party? Turns out that this is Laura, as she introduces herself to a sleepy Julia. Laura talks a mile a minute, and mentions Julia's book, and then says that a guy she dated tried to get tough with her. Julia asked how she handled it, and Laura says, "I fractured his larynx. I'm a third-degree black belt." Ha! Okay, I forgive her for being such a morning person. Justin jogs in and Laura invites Julia to join them to "do eight miles and then grab some green tea." Okay, I hate her again. Julia turns them down since she's still "on California time," and they leave.

Charlie is on the phone when Kirsten comes home from work and asks what's going on. He tells her that three guys called in sick to the factory. Kirsten meant what's going on with his designs. Charlie says that he can't figure out how to produce them with the money they have available. He also says he was up half the night "stressing about the Daphne thing." Kirsten says that Daphne is a big girl, and if she wants to move in with Luke, she can. Charlie asks what it means for Diana, because Luke seems great but they don't really know him and neither does Daphne. Also, Charlie was reading about Kirsten's surgery, and he learned that she could damage her bowel or bladder, and that she will be at greater risk for an ectopic pregnancy. Kirsten tells him not to worry, that having the surgery means that she will get checked every month. She reminds him that this project could launch him. Charlie tells her to get off his stinking back. Well, he doesn't, but I would have. Instead the phone rings, and Charlie answers it, while Kirsten drinks her tea and looks worried.

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Party of Five




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