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Fear And Loathing

Charlie is at work. Daphne comes in with Diana to surprise him. Charlie says that it's really crazy at work. Daphne suggests that maybe Diana could stay over with her a few nights a week since Charlie and Kirsten are both so busy. She doesn't add that she is Diana's mom, even though Charlie and Kirsten would like to pretend she's their maid or something. Charlie says he doesn't want to change their routine. Daphne points out that it's "silly to wake her up so that she can go sleep at your place." Charlie says, in the most sanctimonious voice possible, "I feel better knowing what kind of environment she's in." Daphne is taken aback, and then asks what that is supposed to mean. Charlie says he doesn't have anything against Luke, but that they don't know him that well. He doesn't know what Luke would do in a discipline situation, or what he would do if Diana started choking since he hasn't taken baby CPR like they have. Daphne points out that millions of parents around the world never took baby CPR and their children lived. Well, she doesn't point that out, but she probably would have if she wasn't so stunned by what a jerk Charlie is. She's probably thinking, "I can't believe I slept with this ass." Instead, she says that Luke is great with Diana and that Charlie has no idea. Charlie says she's right, he has no idea, and that's the problem. Just when I start to see Charlie's point, he says that Daphne has been trying (trying?) to be a responsible parent "and most of the time [she is]," but having Luke around isn't "the most responsible move." As if Charlie has been a paragon of virtue and responsibility all of his adult life. Is he forgetting the first few seasons where he was a fuck-up ninety percent of the time? Because I'm not. ["No shit. At least Daphne never lost Diana in the park. Maybe we should get Owen in on this conversation?" -- Wing Chun]

Julia, Justin and Laura are eating dinner and Laura is talking in her mile-a-minute voice about her trip to Kenya. Then she excuses herself to go to the restroom. Justin says that she is a "force of nature," and that being around her is "like being on a drug." Julia looks amused, and then says she needs to call Claudia before Laura gets back. Justin says he wanted to talk to Julia alone. You can tell that Julia totally thinks, "Oh no, another man has fallen in love with me. Oh, men. What am I going to do with them?" Instead, Justin tells her that he's thinking of proposing to Laura and he wants her opinion. Because Julia has such a successful relationship history. She mumbles something that doesn't make any sense, and Justin thanks her because, like the viewers, he clearly wasn't listening.

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