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Fear And Loathing

Bailey pulls up to the curb in his jeep and watches Holly and some other guy walking down the street. Wouldn't Holly recognize his car? She doesn't, and she keeps talking to the guy. Just before they part, she kisses him on the cheek. Stalker Bailey just watches. It totally could have been her cousin or something.

Charlie is asleep on the couch and Daphne walks into his apartment. Charlie wakes up and says that he must have dozed off for a minute, because he was up all night working the numbers. Daphne asks where Diana is, and Charlie doesn't know. They wander around the apartment calling her, until Daphne finds her in the bathroom unrolling the toilet paper. My cats do that all the time! Daphne picks Diana up and gets ready to go. Charlie is all "this never happens" and "I only dozed off for a minute," but Daphne is much more mature than I am and doesn't even sweat it. She gets in a dig, though, by saying that stuff like that happens all the time, "even to responsible parents."

Claudia is having coffee with Peter the tour guide. Nothing much happens in this scene, except that they are getting along really well and even flirting a little bit. Claudia is going to tag along to one of his classes, and he offers her his scarf because it's really cold and a long walk. She takes it, and then says she had better visit the restroom before the long walk.

Victor demonstrates a kick to a punching bag in the back yard for Owen. At first, I was planning how to make fun of the fact that they got a punching bag out of nowhere, but on closer inspection, it's not a real punching bag. It was, like, a laundry bag stuffed with clothes, so I'll let it slide. Victor tells Owen that it's not about how hard you kick, "it's all about foot placement, like ballet." Owen looks doubtful, but he tries a kick anyway. Victor asks him what Rule #1 is, and Owen says "Only use self-defense to defend yourself." Victor lectures that violence is a last resort, and that Owen should use words, and use words again before resorting to violence. Owen is clearly not listening, and then he asks Victor to show him how to do a "flying scissor lock," which is a move he saw while watching wrestling with Will. Will? Has he been on the show since, like, Thanksgiving? I guess he and Owen watch wrestling while they're locked in the basement together. Owen wants to learn that move "in case words don't work."

Claudia is in the bathroom, and when she comes out of the stall, Peter is standing there. She asks him what he's doing, and she's clearly frightened. Peter says he "couldn't wait to..." and Claudia interrupts him by saying that just because she smiled at his jokes and borrowed his scarf doesn't mean she's his girlfriend. Peter agrees. Claudia wonders why she can't be friends with a guy without asking him to come after her. Peter points out that it's a co-ed bathroom, and that "[he] came in here to pee." Claudia realizes her mistake and says, "What is the matter with me?" Peter tries to make her feel better by saying that a lot of girls get freaked out when there are guys in there. It doesn't work, and Claudia hands his scarf back and walks out.

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