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Fear And Loathing

Kirsten comes into her apartment, and sees Charlie there with Diana. She comments that he is home early, and he says that he was "missing [his] two best girls." Kirsten says she will take Diana after she gets something to eat, as if she eats. Ever. Charlie says she doesn't have to do that because he doesn't have any work to do. Kirsten asks if he has the design problem figured out, and Charlie says that he has put his designs on hold. Kirsten says all bitchily, "Until when?" while she takes a salad out of the fridge. Charlie says he's waiting until things settle down. Kirsten says she doesn't understand and asks about the design expo next week. God, she is such a nag! Charlie says that he is out of ideas as to how to solve his design problem, and Kirsten asks if he is giving up. Charlie says that he doesn't have time, since he has a full-time job and Kirsten has her surgery tomorrow (!), and there is Diana to think about. Kirsten says that those things can be worked out, and that he shouldn't drop out when this is the first great opportunity he's had since his business moved to Seattle. Charlie gets all defensive and says, "What's your problem, Kirsten? You've been on my case for weeks!" Well, that's true, but he could have pointed it out in a less snotty way. Kirsten asks how long he has been dreaming about this opportunity, and then answer for him, "Years!" and says she hates to see him let this opportunity go by, and she hopes it's for a good reason. Charlie asks what that's supposed to mean. Kirsten says, really bitchily, "You figure it out," and for some weird reason, she smiles.

Holly bounces up to Bailey at Salinger's and asks if he's ready to go. He tells her he's just finishing up, and that he has to ask her a question. He asks her what their policy is on dating. Holly answers as if reciting from some law book, "As often as possible, up to the maximum permitted within a casual, non-exclusive relationship." Bailey asks if it's that open and Holly realizes he's talking about dating other people. She lightly asks if he wants to ask someone else out. Bailey says he doesn't, does she? Holly says no, and then adds sarcastically, "Sorry, you're the best I've come up with." Bailey asks her if she did want to date other people, would he tell her? Holly asks if he would want her to. Bailey says yes and Holly says she will. She realizes that Bailey still isn't done, so she says, "What?" Bailey goes into stalker mode and asks where she was last night, since he tried to call and she wasn't home. This scene is so out of Television 101: Jealous Boyfriend. Seriously, I was watching it on tape, and I would pause before each line and predict what the person would say, and I was totally right. I'm sure you would have been too. Anyway, she finds out that he was watching her, and says she was with a co-worker, and gets mad and stomps out.

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Party of Five




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