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Fear And Loathing

Julia is telling someone that she doesn't want Justin to propose, but she doesn't know if she should tell him that. The camera pans over to reveal Claudia in much the same pose as me: Bored. Julia babbles on about Justin and Laura and finally Claudia says, "Julia, I really don't care." I cheer and high-five the cats. Claudia goes on to say that she had a bad day. Julia asks what happened, and Claudia answers by saying that she's flying back home in the morning. Julia still wants to know what happened, but Claudia doesn't want to talk about it. Julia says she wants to help. Claudia asks her if Julia can go back in time and stop Claudia from going into that room with Derrick. Julia admits she can't. Claudia says, very coldly, "Then you can't help me," and leaves.

Charlie, carrying Diana, knocks on Daphne's apartment door. Luke answers and says that Daphne ran to the store but that she will be back soon. Charlie hands Diana over and tries to make small talk, and then gets ready to leave. Luke tells him that Kirsten left her diaper bag there, so Charlie comes in to get it. They walk into Diana's bedroom and Charlie notices that it's all decorated, and Luke admits that he did the decorating. Suddenly, Luke is immediately rehabilitated in Charlie's eyes because he stenciled some sheep on the walls. Luke offers to drop Diana off at Charlie's that night so Charlie doesn't have to drive over. Charlie says that Diana should spend the night there, and tells Luke to tell Daphne, "Thanks." Like that makes up for calling her an irresponsible parent.

Justin is drinking coffee outside, and Julia walks up and says she can't find Claudia. Justin tells Julia to go find her, and then thanks her for helping him make up his mind about Laura -- he's going to propose. They hug and Justin says, kind of intensely, "I love you." Julia repeats it. You know, if they were going to go to the trouble of bringing Justin back, they could have given him an actual storyline. That was so lame.

Victor is cleaning up Owen's room. Is that part of his nanny duties? Bailey comes in and says he had to pick up Owen at school because he kicked another kid in the chest on the playground. Victor says it must have been Morgan the bully. Bailey asks why Victor didn't tell him about Owen's problem earlier. Victor says that Bailey's been really distracted, besides which Owen asked him not to say anything. Bailey gets all fired up, and says, "What were you thinking, teaching him how to fight?" I won't even go into how little time Bailey spends with Owen, or with Victor for that matter, thus forcing Victor to make his own parenting decisions, but I could. Victor goes on to talk about how he knows what it's like to get picked on, and to feel ashamed, and that he thinks a person should face his fears. He concludes, "That's the only way I made it through." See, because this episode is all about fear. The title is "Fear and Loathing." I'm not sure where the loathing comes in, unless they were referring to my feelings for Charlie. Hey, maybe that's a shout-out!

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