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Getting There

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Getting There

In the bedroom, Bailey says that Fiona thinks big. Holly shuts the doors and says that the fashion line is never going to happen because Fiona will have forgotten about it tomorrow. Bailey doesn't get it, so Holly explains that Fiona gave up university to travel, then gave up traveling for numerous day jobs, then gave those up to follow a yogi. Holly concludes, "She spends so much bloody time trying to find herself that it just gets her even more lost." In case you didn't get that Holly and Fiona are supposed to be British, they pepper their lines with words like "bloody" and "loo." I find that helpful, because sometimes I forget. Bailey asks if Fiona's supposed to stop trying things out. Holly says Fiona's her older sister and she loves her, but she's twenty-seven years old, and the more she keeps trying, the more Holly wonders if the thing she is looking for even exists. Oh my God, she's twenty-seven? Why don't they just stick her in a nursing home, then? Not that I'm sensitive about the age of twenty-seven or anything. Holly tells Bailey it's not his problem and that they have better things to talk about. Bailey says that her calling has to exist, right? Holly says she wasn't speaking generally. She was just talking about Fiona. Because it's not like they introduced the "Holly's flighty sister" character to parallel Bailey's struggle or anything. Really. Fiona just happened to show up in San Francisco just as Bailey was going through his identity crisis.

Charlie walks into his office to meet with a client, Ms. Wong. He gets her place of business wrong, which is always a great way to make a first impression, unless of course you want to actually stay in business. He apologizes and Ms. Wong offers to bring him up to speed. She is a buyer for a chain of hotels that is repositioning to serve a more upscale clientele. They have seventy-two hotels, each with fifty rooms, and each room has two chairs, and they want the chairs to be Charlie's "Diana chairs." Charlie shows off his math skills and says, "Wow, that's like a billion chairs or something." I know it sounds like I made that up, but that was the actual line. Ms. Wong says it's more like seven thousand (and it's actually seven thousand two hundred). Charlie says they are a small operation and Ms. Wong tells him to get bigger. Charlie keeps throwing all these reasons at her why they can't take her order. Hey, you know what is not a good way to grow your business? Refuse orders that might make you a lot of money. Charlie, just accept the order and then find a way to do it! This is a huge opportunity. Ms. Wong says pretty much the same thing and Charlie still tries to talk her into not placing the order. Ms. Wong says, "You aren't actually thinking of turning us down, are you?" when what she really should be doing is booking out of there and finding a company that is somewhat professional. Charlie says, "I don't know."

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