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Getting There

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Getting There

Griffin and Will are trying to help Fiona use a sewing machine. That is, if you understand help to mean "shamelessly flirt and do everything but break out in a fistfight over a woman." Bailey interrupts and says they are taking the sewing machine back to Holly's place so that Fiona can get some work done. Holly points out that Fiona is leaving in a few days. Fiona says she was thinking of staying longer. Holly reminds her of the wedding that she needs to attend in London. Fiona says, "What she really wants is to get me out of her flat." There's that Brit speak again. Griffin offers up his couch, but Will says there is plenty of room in the house. Bailey's all "Excuse me?" and Holly's all "I'm outta here." Bailey says he has a bunch of appointments lined up for Fiona today. Will wonders what the rush is. Bailey says it's important that she get started right away, because it's her future. Not that he's projecting or anything. Fiona wants to stay and finish her coffee, but Bailey asks her if she wants F.B.E. to turn out to be F.B.S. Ha! That was kind of funny. Fiona Britspeaks, "Bloody hell, no." Bailey carries the sewing machine out while Will makes faces at him. Fiona struts out and says, "See ya, fellas!" and Griffin and Will stare after her.

Charlie and a real estate guy named Dale are looking at a potential factory space. Dale is all "zoning" and "taxes" and "T-com" and Charlie doesn't understand because he's just a simple man who wants to make some chairs. Dale continues to talk about "waste management" and "highway access." Charlie says he has to level with him, and that he doesn't understand what Dale is talking about. Dale says he needs professional help and Charlie says that's why he called him. Dale says it's about his "business strategy" and that he can show Charlie a million factories, but only Charlie knows what's best for his business. Hey, Charlie. There are a million government programs designed just for businesspeople like you. They'll help you put together a business plan. They'll help you get financing. They'll give you advice. Look into it. I'm so sick of this "Charlie has no business sense" storyline. If he doesn't know the business, he should get help, or give it up.

Julia wanders the stacks of the library until she finds Adam sitting on the floor. Doesn't the library have couches or chairs at least? A study carrel, perhaps? Julia asks Adam what he's doing and you can tell he wants to say, "Getting the hell away from you" but instead he says, "Writing." Julia asks if he's hiding from her and she slides in behind him and starts kissing his neck. He asks what she's doing, and if she's trying to start something. I really, really can't continue to recap this scene. Let's just say that Julia reveals that sex helps her to write when she's blocked, and then she makes a noise like a cat, and Adam says that sex has the opposite effect on him, so that he falls asleep. Then Julia says she will help him work on his story, but only if he helps her work on hers by doing her right there in the library. Then clothes start coming off and I have to fast-forward to the next scene, I'm sorry. I hope I don't get fired. ["Dude, if you had recapped the library sex, you would have gotten fired." -- Wing Chun]

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