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Getting There

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Getting There

Claudia walks up to Todd and says she's glad to see him because he left so quickly the day before that she thought he was embarrassed. Todd says, "Embarrassed?" Claudia says she got rattled, but that proves she wasn't the best choice, because as soon as Todd took over first chair, he got it on the first take. Todd says he knows what Claudia's trying to do so she should just cut the act. Every time she wins, she just apologizes and it's the same "fake humility" act she used in the seventh grade. He starts to walk away and Claudia follows him, seeking further explanation. Todd says he wanted first chair, but not because she pitied him. Claudia asks if he thinks she messed up on purpose. Todd says he's not that fragile. Claudia asks him about his act, and that he was practically praying she would screw up while pretending to be supportive, and that's why she messed up. Todd says she can't handle competing. Claudia's all, "I can't handle competing? I can handle competing. You wanna see me competing? You got it." Yeah! Go, Claude!

Julia is standing outside a classroom waiting for Adam. Doesn't she have any classes of her own to attend? Why is she always stalking him? It's kind of creepy. Adam comes out and says he's on his way to the computer lab to type up his finished story, since he can't afford a laptop like she can. Well, except he doesn't say that last part about the laptop. Julia says that she needs help with her story. In other words, she needs sex. Adam gets pissed that it's always all about what she gets as a result of sex, and that the only reason she wants him is to further her writing and get published, and he walks away. Well, he's right. Julia chases after him and says that after all the writing, she's still going to want him, and acts like he's being ridiculous for even saying such a thing. Then she says that he wants to get published too, which he denies. Julia asks him what the point is otherwise, which is so completely out of character for her, I have to ask if the writers have even watched the past seasons. Remember when Julia was all "I have to write to live" and "Writing makes me whole" and all that, and she didn't care if anyone read her stories? Clearly, the writers don't remember that. I actually used to like Julia back then, before the writers turned her into a self-centered sex-crazed idiot. Adam says, "the point of doing it is doing it." Julia says that's "a crock" and asks why he would write something other than to have other people read it. In response, Adam rips his story out of his notebook and throws it away. Julia wonders what he's doing, since he's been working on it for days. Adam says he can rewrite it, and it will probably be better, and "the feeling of that will be better than sex." Julia stands and watches him walk away, probably thinking, "The only reason to do anything is to make men adore you even more."

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Party of Five




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