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All Salingers, All The Time

Holly and Will return from their interview, and Bailey asks how it went. Holly thinks it went really well and that Will made the interviewer believe he was madly in love with her. See, that's irony, because HE IS! Will says he thinks the interviewer bought it, and then walks out of the room to get a drink. Holly sits down next to Bailey, who asks what is next. Holly is glad this part is over. Is that it? One interview, and they are home free? Whatever. ["Whatever, indeed. My dear friend Benzoate legitimately fell in love with an American woman and they got married for real even though he had his own work visa; in other words, it wasn't a sham marriage. They got married late in 1998 and are still going through the process of getting cleared by INS. Despite what TV tells you, it is not a cake-walk." -- Wing Chun] Holly apologizes for what she said before about school being more important than Bailey. Bailey says he should be grateful that she trusts him enough to tell him the truth. They hug and Will comes back in so that we can see how much it hurts him to see Holly with another man, in case we didn't get that already.

People are shouting in the backyard, so Bailey and Holly go outside. Claudia is out there with Charlie and Kirsten. Bailey tells them to keep it down or they will wake Owen up. Apparently the basement is not soundproofed. Claudia tells Bailey that Kirsten is pregnant. Everyone hugs. At some point, Kirsten says she is "about twelve weeks" along, which clears that up for the viewers who were wondering.

The phone rings and Julia screens the call. It's Adam, who must not have escaped the hundred-mile radius yet, because he's begging Julia to come with him. Julia doesn't pick up, and watches her family celebrating. Owen walks out and asks what's going on, and Julia joins the celebration. The producers double my torture by announcing that there are two new episodes this week, so I have another one to watch the next night.

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