Great Expectations

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In her apartment, Holly is talking to some guy in a suit. Will and Bailey enter laughing, but shut up when they see the guy. Holly says she's surprised they are back, and introduces them to Agent Lawrence from INS. Holly presents Will as her husband and Bailey as their friend. The agent says he was just paying them a visit, and flashes his badge at Will and Bailey, like they wouldn't have believed him without it. Holly says Will and Bailey are on their way to a party, and Bailey says, "That birthday thing." Will just continues to stare at Agent Lawrence. Bailey says that Will forgot the present, and Holly picks up a bowl off the table and says she forgot to wrap it, and hands it to Bailey. Agent Lawrence observes that Bailey must be a close friend, since he has his own set of keys and all. Bailey's all, "Keys? What keys? These keys? These are...these are...Will's keys!" Yeah, they're not acting suspicious at all. Bailey tries to hand the keys to Will, who is still staring at the agent. Finally, Bailey says, "Will, take your keys!" and Will breaks out of his coma. The agent says he'll see them the day after tomorrow. Holly informs everyone that the agent wants to interview them. As the agent leaves, he says that some people get married just to circumvent the immigration laws. The Terrible Trio is all, "No way!" as the agent says he's sure it's not an issue with them, ha ha. After he leaves, all three breathe a big sigh of relief, as if they did a good job with their subterfuge.

The doorbell rings at Casa Salinger, and Julia answers it to find Adam standing there. She's surprised to see him, since he's supposed to be in Mexico, but he says he just got back. They walk inside, and Adam starts talking, but Julia stops him because she dictates all conversation in the Salinger household. She tells Adam that he doesn't get to say anything because he didn't take the time to discuss moving to a Mexican commune before he left. Adam says it was more of an artists' colony than a commune. Tell the truth, Adam. It's just a big house with a lot of people with no jobs. Anyway, Adam adds that he's moving to Mexico permanently. Julia is surprised to hear this, because that means her female superpowers don't extend across international borders. Now that Adam's back, he has fallen under her spell once again, so he tells Julia that he was wrong to take off without talking to her, and he wants to spend as much time with her as possible before he leaves.

In Holly's apartment, Will is freaking out and saying that they should just turn themselves in and beg for mercy, because they are never going to be able to convince the INS agent that the marriage is real. Holly thinks it will be fine. Will points out that if they get caught, he'll never be able to run for elected office. Will, you'll never be able to run for elected office, period. Well, I guess he could run, but he certainly wouldn't get elected. Bailey says, "Will, can we worry about your political career after you move out of my basement?" Ha! Holly says they knew it would happen, just not so soon. Bailey points out that they have forty-eight hours to get to know one another as well as a real couple would. Will continues freaking out. Bailey comes up with a grand plan. Since Holly's his girlfriend and Will's his best friend, they both know Bailey really well. So, whenever Holly is asked a question about Will, she should answer how she would answer for Bailey, and Will should answer like Bailey would answer. If it seems way more complicated than it needs to be, that's because it is. Will still needs to learn all about Holly though, but Bailey can help with that.

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