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Julia and Claudia do dishes. This is the only housework I've ever seen any Salinger do. Can't they just spring for a dishwasher? Claude is zoning out, and Julia snaps her out of it. Claudia says she had an amazing dream that involved Todd letting her drive his car, and then the car was flying, and then he gave her a heart-shaped key from his chest and said he loved her. Then there was a train going through a tunnel, and then a shot of the Washington Monument, and then a rocket blasting off, and then a geyser exploding. Claudia thinks it was an incredible dream. Julia brings her down by pointing out that it was just a dream. Claudia is still caught up in the dream, so Julia points out that Claude shouldn't get so caught up in something she wishes Todd said. Jeez, Julia, can't you let Claudia be happy for five minutes?

Charlie and Bailey are in the factory and going to "inspect the line." Bailey is telling Charlie that something is not a disaster. Maybe he's talking about the show? Because he's wrong. Bailey reveals that he's talking about the fact that they are a week or two behind in their deliveries, which wouldn't be so bad, except that it's getting worse. Last week they were only six days behind, and now they are eight days behind. Charlie wants to talk to the foreman, Mitch, about the problem. Then there's a really boring discussion of the assembly line and throughput and bottlenecks and I zone out for a while. When I come back, I figure out that Charlie has an idea of how to run the line so that it's more productive, but Mitch doesn't want to try it. Basically, it's a big pissing match between Charlie and Mitch. Normally, I would always take the opposite side of Charlie, but he is the owner, so it seems like he should automatically win. Bailey tries to get Mitch to look at the big picture. Mitch says he was hired away from his last job for his expertise, and that they promised him "no micromanagement." Charlie gets the last word by telling Mitch just to do it.

Julia is in the library, writing something. Adam finds her and mocks the fact that she's writing about eighteenth-century literary criticism. Julia agrees that it's a lame topic, by saying, "Writing is hard enough, but writing about how other people wrote about writing just seems like so much writing." I'm not making that quote up. Adam asks her to come to Mexico with him. He details the things Julia would love about San Miguel -- cobblestone streets, two learning institutes full of creative people, great coffee that's like mud. Mmm, muddy coffee. I'm there! Julia says she can't go because of school. Adam says he can get her into his workshop in Mexico, and she'll get credit for it. That seems pretty unlikely, but what do I know? Julia points out her other responsibilities, like her family. What responsibilities? She never takes care of Owen. The only thing I've ever seen her do is wash dishes and get groceries, and it's not like someone else couldn't handle those two tasks. Adam tells her to come for a month, or just a week, and once she comes she won't want to leave. Julia thinks it sounds nice and Adam says it will be, if she's there. Plus, since she now knows her powers don't extend over the border, she'll be able to keep Adam under her control.

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