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Will is looking in Holly's medicine cabinet, ostensibly to learn more details about her for their INS interview. Bailey comes in and is all, "What are you doing?". Will talks about the things he needs to find out about Holly, and mentions specifically what kind of toothpaste she uses, or whether she uses barrettes or hair pins. Bailey points out that he doesn't even know those things. Yeah, but Bailey and Holly aren't married or even living together. I wonder if you know TOO much about your partner, if that's a tip-off to the INS as well. I guess they didn't think of that one. While rummaging around, Will cuts his finger on something and Holly runs in to bandage it up for him, because she's a medical student and all. Like any normal person doesn't know how to put on a Band-Aid. Bailey asks Holly to confirm that Will doesn't need to know every single thing about her, and comments that the next thing they know, Will is going to poke around in Holly's underwear drawer. Holly and Will look at each other like "Ah ha!" and Holly tells Will to add that one to the list. Bailey walks out, disgusted. Holly starts bandaging Will's figure in a setup that screams out, "Manufactured closeness to initiate Will's attraction." Holly starts telling Will how bad she feels that he's so stressed out and it's all for her. Will thinks he's just being a coward. Holly says that she's in awe of him, and that it's humbling to think that someone would do this for her, because she doesn't know if she could do it. Holly must have been taking lessons at the Julia Salinger School of Feminine Wiles, because Will is obviously falling in love with her.

Julia is actually in class for once, with a different professor than the one Adam "humiliated" two weeks ago. The professor is lecturing about Jane Eyre, and she says, "Message: Don't get bogged down by rules and mores. Fly. Follow your urges. Listen to your hearts. That's the way to true prolific freedom and creative fulfillment. Not to mention a very hot love life." Maybe if Adam had taken this class, he wouldn't have had his big rebellion against "the rules." ["Having been an English student, I have to comment that no professor would ever dictate what the message of a novel is. It's a university course, not a book of Cliff's Notes, for God's sake, besides which, just about every novel contains at least one theme about freedom, so that comment is totally meaningless. My point is, this scene, and especially this prof, suck." -- Wing Chun]

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