Great Expectations

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Charlie is hanging up the phone and Kirsten walks in and asks who it was. I would criticize her nosiness, but I do this all the time and I annoy myself. Charlie says it was the travel agent, who wanted to let them know they would have to pay a cancellation fee. For what? What travel agent? What trip? How hard would it have been to mention in the crib scene that Charlie and Kirsten were planning a trip? I hate this show. Anyway, Kirsten forgot to tell Charlie that she canceled their trip. Charlie is disappointed. Kirsten thought it would be nice just to stay home and relax. Charlie says that if he is home, the factory can find him and drag him into work. No, they can't! Unplug the phone! Don't answer the door! That is the lamest excuse. Charlie also mentions that they were planning on going to Carmel, and that this was supposed to be their weekend to spend time together. Kirsten finally admits that the reason she doesn't want to go away is that she is nervous to be so far away from her doctor in case something happens. Charlie worries that Kirsten is going to become a shut-in, because she's afraid to leave the house. Kirsten says it's one thing to go out to dinner or a movie, but another thing to go all the way to Carmel. Charlie repeats that if he goes out locally, he can still get "dragged in" to work. I'm picturing the factory workers hog-tying Charlie and dragging him through the streets of San Francisco, and it's actually a pretty satisfying image. Kirsten says the reason she is so worried about her pregnancy is because she has waited longer and worked harder for this than anything in her life, so why take any chances?

Claudia and Todd are studying in a coffeehouse. Claudia mentions that it's nice just being there, studying together. Then I guess she decides it's not so nice, because she asks if he wants to go for a drive. Todd is all practical, asking, "Where?" Claudia says they can go anywhere. Todd agrees, but wants to finish his chapter first. What sixteen-year-old guy would rather finish a chapter than go for a drive (and potentially parking) with his hottie girlfriend? Claude pushes to make her dream come true by asking if she can drive. Todd makes the excuse that his insurance only covers him, because of his lease. Claudia claims that Todd doesn't think she's a good driver. Does she even have her license? Have we ever seen her drive at all? Claude thinks it boils down to Todd not trusting her, which he claims to do. Claudia says that she trusts Todd completely because he's her boyfriend and she loves him, and if she had a car, she would let him drive it. Not that she's making a sexual metaphor or anything. Even though Claudia just dropped the L-bomb, Todd doesn't respond. Claudia gets all flustered and starts gathering up her books to leave. Todd calls after her, but she keeps going out the door.

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